Comprehensive Guide to Keep Your Hydro Wallet Safe and Secure

Comprehensive Guide to Keep Your Hydro Wallet Safe and Secure

By CryptoUpdates | edusonpublisher | 22 Oct 2019

You might be thinking to purchase hydro tokens by you are worried about ensuring the safety of your tokens. Hydro tokens are built on the basis of Ethereum network as ERC20. The increase in the number of users have resulted to make cases of scams.  Cryptocurrencies wallet allows you to have full treatment of your wallet. Security threats such as Scam, phishing, hacking and phishing are very common. The most important part of everything is to understand how your wallet work and the general response that it gives in case of any security threat.

Basic Skills to Have

  • Public address – public address is ETH wallet that is used to keep data of performed transactions in your hydro account. Moreover this wallet is used to send and receive ERC tokens. This address also gives you a chance to send hydro token to your own wallet of choice. You can see all transactions that has been performed in your hydro wallet. It is also advisable when you are making transactions that you confirm the address that you are sending your tokens. Do not  use any address to make transactions as instructed by any person claiming to be an administrator of any hydro project. This might not sound so important but note we have many cases where people have been asked to send there token to a given address to make their account secure after doing so they realize it is a scam.
  • Private key- private key is generated when you create an ETH wallet as an encrypted password of your choice. Private Key allows you to access your account when you want to. The private key is also used to make transactions. It’s worth noting that you should not share your key with anyone. You will never receive any message from hydro requesting your private key so be aware of that. Also avoid filling your private key in any given  online from that asks you your private key.
  • Seed- this is a recovery phrase in case you lost your password in which it acts as a backup. If you lost your password this phrase will you will back up your wallet and create a new password. However it worth noting that you not lose it again since it will not be easy to access the account again. Never share your seed to any person.
  • Official social media page- check whether the site is an official page of the hydro project that you are interested with. Access the official page links from the project website.we have fake social media that are just scam for your data.
  • official web page -ensure you are using the official web page, some of the pages are just scam that will steal your money.
  • Two factor authentication- ensure you wallet is a two factor authentication.this means that your account will have two layers such that increases you security if  the hacker identifies your password and username they will have another challenge to solve. Please ensure your account is secured with 2FA.
  • Avoid scam twitter messages- some  messages  will ask you to send some tokens to receive more tokens avoid doing so. Some of these messages are aligned from famous people in twitter accounts.
  • Hydro airdrops - do not fill any hydro airdrop form since they do no longer exist. Most of them are just scams which will always ask your private key. 
  • Check out before downloading hydro wallet- hydro does not have a wallet yet. Many  people have down fake wallets which let takes away there token after depositing in the wallet.
  • Myetherwallet -  in case you are using this kind of wallet it is not advisable not to use private key. You can try to use Metamask to login and always check the green padlock at the corner of the page.

If you can afford to purchase a hardware wallet it is more recommendable to have one you can have Ledger or Trezor wallet. How ever make sure you buy it from an official page to avoid scam wallets.


I am an article writer and a crypto trainer


I am an article writer and a crypto currency trainer

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