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Kucoin was founded 5 years ago, has grown exponentially and has more than 18 countries around the world with presence in South and Central America, Arab Emirates, Europe, India and Asian countries, supports more than 51 fiat currencies, you can find more than 600 cryptocurrencies and operate with more than 1170 pairs, high volume of capital which gives it a great liquidity, maintains commissions to operate among the lowest in the market.

Let's review this exchange without going into much detail about all its features and tools that are available in it, last year Forbes magazine ranked it as one of the leading cryptocurrency exchange, also this year receives another recognition from the company The Ascent, which evaluates financial products, awarded him the prize as the best cryptocurrency application, is currently in the top 4 of the best exchanges and many call it "The exchange of the people".

Let's take a look at some of its functionalities:

Search for a cryptocurrency for tranding.



Select pair for tranding


Finding new gems

A gem is a new and promising cryptocurrency backed by a good project, that once launched its initial offering, tokens can be acquired and as they are listed on the exchanges their value increases considerably, in Kucoin has sections where we can locate new releases and new cryptocurrencies, that makes it much easier to find new gems,

If it is a new cryptocurrency, on the Kucoin platform it is very easy to search for them.

 Select the Markets option to go to the main Kucoin markets page.

Its link


You will see the next cryptocurrencies to be listed


KuCoin Spotlight token sale, new pre-sales

You can find the presales of cryptocurrencies, they are new projects whose tokens are not yet listed on any exchange and you will be able to acquire them at launch prices before their listing.

How to find the spootlight?



- Stakeout, hold a cryptocurrency for a time that could be 30 to 90 days and earn money for it, those blocked amounts are used to pay commissions to miners for validating transactions and also create new cryptocurrencies.


- Lending cryptocurrencies, another way to earn money on this platform is by lending cryptocurrencies to other users. Instead of keeping a cryptocurrency, place them in loans, at the end I have the cryptocurrency and earn commission for the loan.


- Use bot for automatic trading, it is an option to configure bot and save you a lot of time and effort when trading.


- One option I highly recommend is to hold a Kucoin token, KCS,

Kucoin gives bonuses for simply holding your KCS token,

Buy cryptocurrencies from other users using P2P, person to person without intermediaries.


Anyway all the above reasons serve as a basis to recommend Kucoin.

To operate with Kucoin you must have a registered account, if you don't have one yet, here is my referral link so you can register very easily.


Kucoin when you sign up with the referral system gives you benefits ranging from discounts on commissions to direct bonuses,



First of all, let's clarify that a gem is a promising new cryptocurrency backed by a good project, which once launched its initial offering, tokens can be acquired and as they are listed on the exchanges their value increases considerably, Kucoin has sections where we can locate new releases and new cryptocurrencies, this greatly facilitates the task of finding new gems, process that we will describe in this content, however finding a gem is not something so easy, it requires a strategy for it


- A new cryptocurrency, In the Kucoin platform it is very comfortable to search for them.

 Select the option Markets to go to the main page of Kucoin markets.

Your link



You will see the next cryptocurrencies to be listed



I recommend going to companies like coinmarketcap and coingeckco where you can study more the project and its cryptocurrency, it is important the white paper of the project, where the project is described in detail, verify compliance with its work route, also see how your buyers are distributed, this to verify that the majority is not held by a single person or the so-called whales, because if they decide to sell everything, the prices plummet.




- If you select one of the newly promoted projects you will be able to see vital information about the project



KuCoin Spotlight is a cryptocurrency presale.

cryptocurrency presales are new projects whose tokens are not yet listed on any exchange and can be purchased at launch prices before they are listed.

How to locate the spootlight?




To use the spotliht the Kucoin account must be verified, a minimum KCS amount to invest and check if country is excluded.

Kucoin assigns maximum quotas to buy per user, this to avoid that people can take the most or the whales.

For more information this very interesting link where the process is described very well


As far as the projects are concerned, . Spotlight, Kucoin performs a selection process before deciding if a project will be listed.

* Tokens must have unique selling points.

* The team behind the project is evaluated.

* Tokens must be anticipated so that they can be made available on a large scale.

* The project must be promising and contribute to the blockchain.


Kucoin allows us to obtain cryptocurrencies from new projects by participating with capital which will be used in mining, the currencies are frozen in the stakeout, betting funds to the pool in which their funds are blocked to a previously determined time, at the end you will receive the cryptocurrencies of the selected project, the funds are invested in the POLs token which is used in Pool-x, this token is used to be burned and receive new tokens in exchange according to the chosen project, is supported by the Pool-x platform as it operates on multi-chains.

Unlike airdrops, this product does not require you to raise funds, just associate your project to Kucoin's BurningDrop and wait for investors who will bet tokens on this modality.

Kucoin does not accept just any project for this product, like spotligth the projects must meet minimum requirements previously evaluated in Kucoin, the election process is the same as described in spotliht. 

How to access BurnindDrop




Given all the benefits shown in this content, it is clear that the Kucoin platform is undoubtedly a must when it comes to cryptocurrencies, the products it offers, security, features and tools place it among the major cryptocurrency exchanges worldwide, especially if you want to invest and make money by finding new promising projects. The tools shown in Kucoin and the strategies to follow will be of great benefit to you, that's why they call it the people's exchange.






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