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By chrisknsts | Economaniac | 30 May 2021

Hello everyone,

Here is my analysis on NIO Inc.

1st signal. Positive
As Gross margin--also called "gross profit margin", helps a company assess the profitability of its manufacturing activities if we look at NIO from 2018 to current have these values.
2018 : ‪−12.30‬‪
2019 : −21.98
‬2020 : 7.95‬‪
current : 19.48‬

2nd signal. Negative
From the others, Net Margin has a minus doubled-value in the first quarter.(Only in the first,By the end of 2022 : NIO Announces Norway Strategy, )

2018 : ‪−195.12‬
2019 : ‪−145.86‬
‪2020 : −34.51‬
‪current : −61.07‬

3rd signal. Positive
As you can see in statistics, quarterly has 10 billion downsize in market capitalization, but ‪total common shares outstanding has steady uptrend.(Buy-Hold signal in the long term of three years)


There are three more strong buy-signal and one mistake the whole three years. I am sure that Li Bin has learned from mistakes(chip shortage).


3rd signal. Negative(Short) 

Three indicators in 4h timeframe, DEMA200, MACD and RSI(14) shows that the curvatures have a decline, and that is the situation of 3rd scenario.

In other values DEMA100 has a return , but DEMA50 has not yet.


4th signal. Positive 

MACD follows an uptrend path, and RSI has taken its momentum since last support/resistance value. From that time, NIO stock was in a bull market.


A lot signs to buy, but it's hard when you invest at peak. So be patient. Have a nice night.



Today, NIO Inc stock will keep its price and eventually go higher to test the upper resistances(Short). Summer may be steady due to smaller volumes(Long). 1Nov is the day.

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