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By chrisknsts | Economaniac | 9 Jan 2021

Hi again,

With a first sight on Ethereum, I am strongly confindence about its price for so many reasons. It is worth to be mentioned the main reasons that makes me having this opinion.

Firstly, there is a big opportunity to go on this asset because it is a coin with many uses. Second, the price is much lower than that we all except for that market cap which is shown on chart. Third, this asset has a brilliant team behind that. 

As we can see below, the last month was definately worth to invest on this asset and with 141b dollars cap, it has a price around 1K $. A comparison with BTC, tells us that when the BTC cap had the same value,  BTC was around 10K $. And Eth is a platform that makes alot more job than BTC.

Making a prediction about the price in the near future, is that 20jun will be a dominated day. 


Eth/$ CoinBase chart

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Greetings, I enjoy writing about the stock and crypto markets as I have a strong interest in assets. I am a physicist and I base my predictions solely on data. Please note that my views are purely my own and I do not advise following my trends.


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