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By EcomeHunter | EcomHunter | 3 May 2019

Hello everyone I wanna introduce to you a Friendster.oi a Social Networking Platform. With new feature, user can wonder posts, photos

a next generation social media experience.

Thier misssion :Mission – Become worlds first decentralized community / social platform. Content Owners (aka consumers) will get seed money for putting content on the platform. Percentage of Advertising money will be redistributed to Content Owners. Music owners will get paid in Utility tokens name (Friendster - FSTER).

Friendster.oi features that can help you to grow your communtiy just like facebook and twitter : 

In Friendster you can create a Friendster Page that can help to grow community and can and to promote a project like crypto related topic and also you can use #Hastag,Mention,GIFs,Emoji and many more.

Some Feature that you can use : 

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You can also Chat with your love one's and Friends 


You can also Create a ADs


I you want more help to this platform you can Join to my Groups TeamPayaman

You can also Like my page on Friendster.oi CryptoAvengers

How to earn using this platform : 

System and Payout :

We are currently integrating Tronlink. We use Hodl points which are converted to FSTER tokens. We never pay out in Fiat - we are a crypto based site. Hodl Points are the points system used to calculate FSTER tokens. Hodl points will be swappable 1:1 for FSTER through a smart contract. 

Hodl Points 

Comment = 1 Hodl Point 
Like = 1 Hodl Point 
Dislike = 0 Hodl Point 
Reaction = 1 Hodl Point 
Create Post = 2 Hodl Point 
Create Blog = 2 Hodl Point 
Daily Limit = 1,000 Hodl Points 

You can earn FSTER using like and reaction and to create post and blog and also comments. 


You can using Affliate or inviting everyone to join this platform.

Sign up here :

Add me or Follow me on Friendster.oi :

Visit my website for more details :


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Crypto Enthusiast | Entrepreneur | Trader | Bounty Hunter

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