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By EbriDan | EbriDan | 14 Jun 2019

XR Web, XR stands for the term Extended Reality, an extended reality is a further layer of digital information, linked with real world locations and coordinates on the digital representation of the earth's globe. 

XRWEB is not just a computerized reality as in the case of most types of Virtual Reality(VR), the XR Web uses geolocations on earth to represent data, it is built built on the blockchain to offer security and trust, scalability, transparency and reliability. 


To experience extended reality, a user needs a compatible smartphone XR Browsers, my recommendation is the new XR Web’s XR Browsers available on the iOS and Android platforms ready for downloads, just check on your playstore. With the increase in the use of VRs, this Extended Reality platform will be used on smart bracelets, pads, smart watches, ocular lenses and even eye glasses. 

XRWEB is already prepared for the digital future of virtual online businesses and transactions. 



XR Web is a decentralized system, a lot of dapps can be imported onto the platform and it supports the creation of its own dapps for any coder, programmer and user that wishes to app new features onto the XR Web. 

The XR web has a native token (it's own cryptocurrency) called the "XR Token", this token would be used as payment for goods, products and services on the #XRWEB platform, all transactions can be carried out using XR token. 

The "Web World" as I choose to call it would have venues and real estates representatives, trading of the XR token and using it to purchase these real estate are other use case. 




The XR web platform has a lot to offer users, 


-An XR Browser and XR DNS (xtpps://) 

Coupled with the fact that it can be used as a regular browser, the XR browser is a mobile browser, it is camera-based and opens links to the XR web directly. The demo versions are already available on playstore, do you want to experience internet surfing in XR mode? Give it a try and drop your comments. 

While normal web protocol uses Https:// 

XRWEB protocol uses xtpps://

This URLs points to exact locations in the XR Web, from another point of location and can only be accessed by compatible XR browsers like the XR web official browser. 



-XRWEB on Blockchain and XR Token

#XRWeb is the collection of the, products, geolocations, assets and dApps, applications, services , all available on the blockchain.

You can stake your XR Tokens, the cryptographic currency that is used in XR Web’s XR transactions against geolocations. Staked tokens would earn you more tokens, you can use the token to sell and buy items available on the XR web. 



-XR Apps Library, SDK & API

The XR Apps Library, is a collection of all the dapps built, it's an online store, here apps built are promoted and users get access to them, a 0.5% transactions fee is charged by the company. All the apps listed on the library would be built with XR's SDK and APIs. The SDK are made available on Android, Unity, and iOS. The APIs is used for integration into third party apps, on exchanges and with different services.


 -The XR Ads Engine

A place were marketers and advertisers place ads on the XR world, these would be used anyone, to generate revenue. An advertiser can place bids on an ad, on its date, budget or location, the highest bider gets his ad displayed until he runs out of points. Instructions on the workings of the ads is available on the platform. 




Although some platforms with same goals on virtual reality and extended reality are available, the all face major drawbacks in terms of availability of equipment for the average user, the high cost of equipments needed to experience VR, XRWEB has brought Extended Reality to everyone, through the smart phones that is used by almost everyone. 

You don't need to buy very costly gadgets to experience the pleasure of extended reality, it's right I your hands. 




Investment Portal at: http://invest.xrweb.network/community-xr-30


NOTE: XR Tokens MainNet has already been launched, you can purchase or find any valid means to get tokens into your wallet and stake them against geolocation on the XR Web Staking site- at www.blockchain.xrweb.network.


XR tokens gives you access to the XR apps and you get the added benefit of earning tokens based on your staked coin. 




For more information please visit;


Website: https://www.xrweb.network/

Whitepaper: http://www.xrweb.network/img/Whitepaper-XRWEB.pdf

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/gofind/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/xrwebnetwork

Twitter: https://twitter.com/xrwebnetwork

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/xrwebnetwork

Telegram: https://t.me/gofindxr



 Bounty0x username: EbriDan 















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