#AMGOLD an ESport platform
#AMGOLD an ESport platform

By EbriDan | EbriDan | 29 May 2019

190903265-1d5556d2dd172212bb9149871f47f4fad5ad0536ca1c336b0020136c4333514f.pngArena Match Gold, uses "AMG" as it's Utility Token for it's upcoming esports gaming app. The app would be used for playing games, by individual bets and competitions, different gaming modes will be made available for the users choosing and they will include; one on one duels, a fight free for all, user vs house, unknown battlegrounds and counterstrike: Global Offensive. 

Arena Match Gold "AMG" (the name of the native token) will be on the Ethereum blockchain network for exclusive use with Arena Match products, payments for transactions and all services, such services include playing the games, challenging those with higher scores, those with higher Skill level, joining the daily high score leaderboards, a one on one fight against random or choosen opponents, or if you'll love to join a team and fight like in games like Battle Royale FFA, and all other popular online games such as PUBG, and Fornite, with time the AMG token would be integrated for use in the top most played online games and would be an accepted means for buying gaming assets in the real world and in-games utilities. 



The AMG token is guaranteed to have a fast and steady rise when compared to other utility tokens. Just 100 million AMG token ever has been created and every four months after launch some tokens percentage will be burned based esports app monthly transactions volume, this will continue to reduce the AMG circulating supply which will cause a steady hike in the price and demand of AMG token. So get the app now, and try it. 


Also as an added advantage of the esports app to use the integrated Arena Match Gold to payments, for users that still love dealing directly with fiats, deposits will be made available, this is because, AMGOLD has every user and player of games in mind, no exclusion from Video Game Addicts like me right up to occasional gamers like my late grandma. 

And although as all cryptocurrency enthusiasts can attest, our current banking systems have fees, delays and limitations all this has been solved by thanks to the blockchain technology, so even with the ability to deposit fiat there is an upgrade, a decentralized Ethereum-based utility token AMG. This would also expose gamers to the advantages of cryptocurrency which in turn will foster worldwide adoption. A major goal of the blockchain. 



when using the app, as long as you are a holder of AMG token, you would not incurr any fee for withdrawing or depositing crypto or fiat, all the cost for joining and using any of the above mentioned services would be at a low and reduced cost, and in some cases would be totally free, there will be some contents only accessible to holders like a high clearance level, holders would be invited for special AMGold only events, and every new added product and services would first be made available for holders. 



Most gaming platforms has this problem, new gamers experience issues like liquidity in player resources on day 1, that is the total spending of all resources on first day while learning the best strategy that suits the gamer. Issue like this will not exist with AMGOLD. The users will experience esports in the best way similar with their favorite gameplay, whether it be a challenge completion, or a head-to-head match ups, or free for all fights.

This allows for new users to keep playing the game instead of abandoning the game because the gameplay does not look similar to what they've been used to. 


There is a "solo" experience, a player explores all his powers, movements, aerodynamics without waisting resources, the “solo” experience, will improve the player's skill challenges and his highscores since the player gets familiar with the game environment for the full-on game. 

MODE: Head-to-Head 

An entry fee will be made for each individual to pay, not yet fixed, Individuals that would be playing alone or in teams will pay this fee for a particular a chance to win a prize if they are Victorious in the competition, The winner gets the whole prize and with time the entry fee will either be increased or decreased based on players needs and assets. 


MODE: Highscore Tournaments

Hourly, daily and weekly, games would be scheduled with leaderboards, the player with the highest scores as stated by the leaderboards will go with the prize, players will join at will staking a particular amount to the prize pool, there may, depending on the game be prize for different positions like from 1st to 3rd or 1st to 5th or just for the 1st.

If a user fails and is evicted from the tournaments, if he wishes to reenter the entry fee for each new attempt gets cheaper and at the end of the tournament leaders on the scoreboard get paid their winnings according to the previously set amount for the position they fall under while a 10% hosting fee will be sent to Arena Match as hosting fee to keep the platform up, smooth, upgraded and running. 



The main source of income and revenue will be generated from the 10% hosting fee kept by Arena Match gotten from the game pool set prize. 

Additional Revenue Source will be an occasional advertising by playwire Ads, this is via Overwolf partnering with Arena Match to use Playwire's ads. Gameplays will not be distributed or paused for this, the ads would come up during game loading moments or paused moments when screen is not in full game mode, before and after each match. 



Challenges or daily high score leaderboards or head to head matches, and Battle Royale modes for popular online games, such as will soon be made available:

*PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds better known as PUGB


*Apex Legends

*Counter­Strike: Global Offensive


And  you can try out PUBG (PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds) Beta mode



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For more information visit

Website: https://arenamatch.com/

Whitepaper: https://arenamatch.com/whitepaper

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/24782768

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ArenaMatchGold/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ArenaMatchGold

Instagram: https://instagram.com/arenamatchgold

Telegram: https://t.me/ArenaMatch


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