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By wildnblue | eat sleep HODL repeat | 11 Aug 2019

Hello, first of all let me say that I enjoy Publish0x a lot, it is one of my favourite sites atm and I visit it daily.I can read so many interesting crypto related articles here and on the top of that I earn a few coins for free, no doubt this is a win-win situation.

But there is always room for improvement isn't it?I want to make two suggestions to the Publish0x team that I believe will make this site even better.

1. Make Sure That Everyone Is Reading The Articles

I'm sure that most users are reading them but I am afraid that there are many that use this site as another faucet,they are just claiming the free coins without even paying attention to the article and waiting for the timer to finish and claim again after a few minutes.This is not nice for the authors who spend time and energy to write their posts and I am sure that the Publish0x team doesn't like it either.

You may ask how to solve this issue, my suggestion is that if a user wants to claim he will have to pass a test about the article created from the author first.We don't have to make it complicated just a simple question with multiple answers (three wrong,one correct), if the user pass it he'll be able to claim if not he'll have to wait more.Faucets are using captchas to protect from the bots we can use this test to make sure that people are reading the posts and not just claiming.


2. Give Us The Chance To Exchange Our Coins

Publish0x is using four different coins (BNTY,HYDRO,DAI and BAT) I am not sure that everyone is equally interested  on them, for example I prefer collecting BAT and DAI instead the other two.So why not give us the chance to exchange them by building something like a small exchanger in the site just for these four coins?


These were my ideas on how to make the user experience even better I hope that the Publish0x team will find them interesting and don't get me wrong they already doing a great job my intention is to help as much as I can, thanks everyone for reading.

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eat sleep HODL repeat
eat sleep HODL repeat

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