Earn Free Cash Using Your Phone In Your Spare Time, Just By Clicking A Button or Viewing Ads to Claim Crypto!

I've found some crypto faucet sites that pay out in cryptocurrency (if you haven't heard of it yet it's the next big thing that easily doubles its value every few months)! I've earned a few $100 from these sites, and hold onto these earnings in hopes of doubling my profit every few months. Visit my other post in this blog to see Proof of Payment for sites.

----   Cryptocurrency/Faucet Claim Brief  Description

All you have to do is click a button to claim it, visit a website for 10-30sec., or watch a 60sec. video to earn the crypto!

After earning this crypto you can exchange it for cash, or in my opinion the best thing to do hold onto it, because you can easily double your earnings every few months with how well the crypto market is doing!

----   Faucet Sites to Earn Free Cash/Crypto
1) ES Faucet:

This link is for ES Faucet, it has multiple different crypto faucets & you can claim from each every hr. The site also allows you to complete surveys or do other tasks on their offer wall to earn additional crypto.

2) RandomSatoshi:

This link is for RandomSatoshi, it has multiple different crypto you can claim. Once a day you can claim credits from their faucet for a specific coin to then use to open up a claim for that crypto that runs on a timer to claim coins every 40secs. The site also offers other ways to earn additional credits, such as completing surveys, viewing PTC ads, watching videos, and other tasks listed on their offer wall.

3) Xcolander:

This link is for Xcolander, you can claim multiple different crypto every 16mins. using this faucet.

4) BTC Clicks:

This link is for BTC Clicks, where you can watch 10-60sec. ads to earn Bitcoin.

5) Free-Litecoin:

This link is for Free-Litecoin, you can claim LTC here every hr. by rolling the faucet, and can earn even more by completing other tasks.

6) AllCoins:

This link is for AllCoins, a faucet site with multiple cryptocurrencies to choose from that you can claim every 6mins. You can also complete offers/surveys, mine coins, and gamble to earn even more coins.

7) Cointiply:

This link is for Cointiply, you can roll the faucet every hr. to earn bitcoin, along with the option to complete other offers like surveys, PTC ads, watch videos, & etc. to earn even more.

8) FireFaucet:

This link is for FireFaucet, which you can claim a few different kinds of crypto from by claiming Auto Claim Ponts by daily claim, faucet, PTC ads, surveys, & other offers.

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Easy Ways to Earn Free Cash
Easy Ways to Earn Free Cash

This blog will show you ways you can earn a little extra cash by doing simple tasks, such as visiting websites, using phone apps., viewing short ads, etc.

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