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Hardware crypto wallet

By Robinhjo | Earnmoneyfromhome | 5 Feb 2021


I think you have a some sort of online crypto wallet? 
In the past day I have read about something new for me. It is a hardware crypto wallet.

I have a plastic card from wirex that’s it. This hardware thing is new for me.  
there seems to be a lot of brand on the market for this.

How do I store my Bitcoins, Ethereum IOTA and other cryptographic currencies in a safe and smooth way?

To secure your cryptographic currencies, you have three options: a paper paper paper paper paper “paper wallet”; a software loan “online wallet”; or a hardware wallet”.

Why do I need a cryptonian currency hardware wallet?

Your private key, your password for your cryptographic currencies, can only be kept safe if you are responsible for it.

The best rule in the crypto world is: if you control your private keys, you control 100% of your crypto currencies.

You can write your private key down on a paper and hide it. This is called the paper wallet or the cold wallet. You can also download a software and this takes a lot of dishwashing space to download the block chain on your computer.

Instead, a hardware wallet from Ledger, Trezor or KeepKey can probably keep your private keys and secure your cryptographic currencies. This is an easy and smooth solution that is regularly updated with new software and can easily be taken on the go.

Remember, with a cryptonian currency hardware wallet, you're your own bank!

What is a hardware wallet?

A hardware wallet is a special type of a bitcoin wallet where you keep your private keys on a secure unit and usually resembles a USB drive with a USB interface.
This interface can connect the unit to a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone (bluetooth). You could say you're storing your bitcoins on a flash drive.

The hard-carving loan is an external, self-sufficient and secure unit that is not affected by potential viral infected software on your computer. The private keys are certainly encrypted in unit where data cannot be transmitted in textform.

What's a Bitcoin wallet or a Bitcoin hardware wallet?

The term Bitcoin Wallet or Bitcoin Hardware Wallet is usually a synonym for a common wallet that can store several cryptog currencies. A Bitcoin Wallet, like a hardware wallet, not only stores bitcoins but a lot of other cryptographic currencies like Ethereum, IOTA, Cardano, Litecoin, Dash, Stellar, Ripple and others.

What's the advantage of a Bitcoin Wallet or the Hardware Wallet?

You're the bank, full control of your cryptographic currencies.
Transparent: open-source software
Safe environment: no connection to software from infected computers
Identity protection: changes in addresses enhance anonymity
Control of charges: you can see and adjust transaction fees
Flexibility: can be used everywhere
Updated: light update process to obtain the latest software.

It's usually a flavor what the best cryptonian currency is.
The functions, especially between Ledger and Trezor are very similar.

Never buy a hardware loan from eBay, or other market places.

After delivery, it is also important to check that everything is in the original package. Ledger has developed software that analyses the unit and Trezor uses special seals on the packaging, do not use if broken.

What cryptographic currencies do hardware wallet have support for?

This depends mainly on the product chosen from the various companies, when they offer models in different price classes.

In general, however, you can assume that all large cryptograph currencies have support for the tested hardware loans. In addition, the ‘dApps’ (decentralised applications) based on Ethereum ERC-20 standard is simple to store For other smaller cryptograph currencies, it is easy to check on the manufacturers' websites if they have support for elected cryptograph currency

The newest verdict of Ledger ‘Nano X’ has support for most cryptog currencies

What happens to my hardware wallet if it's stolen?

First, i'd like to ask you to stay calm!

No injury or theft can be done by physical attacks on the unit only if the individual has your 4-8 PIN code or knows your ‘seed’ (your 12 or 24 words phrase) are the cryptog currencies in danger.

If the thief knows any of your two ransom methods, it is important that you restore your wallet as soon as possible with your recovery code ‘see’. You need access to another hardware loan or a desk loan, which gives you access to your cryptog currencies. Your old unit can no longer be used for access to your cryptographic currencies.

In addition to the PIN code security measure, it is also possible to create PIN codes for each individual sub-account. For example, you can have a Bitcoin Wallet 1 and Bitcoin Wallet 2, with two more different PIN codes, which makes your unit even safer.

In general, you can say that hardware loans are the safest way to keep your cryptographic currencies simply.

The price on this thing can be different ,it depends were you buy it from. 

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Crypto hardware wallet

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