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AlienWorlds Adds New Reward System

By OogaBooga | MoneyNCrypto | 17 Feb 2022

It's no secret that AlienWorlds is one of the top play-to-earn (P2E) games in the blockchain industry and one of the early games when the word "gamefi" was coined. According to DappRadar, AW is still in the top 5 most used dapp's in all blockchains.  This week it's at 3rd spot next to Splinterlands at 2nd and Pancake Swap taking the top spot.


Just a quick intro, AlienWorlds is an idle type, exploration mining game where players can earn Trillium (TLM) as reward for mining and NFT's (currently disabled) that can help you in the game or for you to sell on the marketplace. Trillium (TLM) Is a cross-chain ERC-20 / BEP-20 / WAX fungible token and the native token of AlienWorlds used for rewards, staking, governance and in-app currency.

Hopefully, TLM can be used to purchase their NFT's in the future but for now you have to swap your TLM to WAX through Alcor Exchange and purchase NFT's through AtomicHub.

Aside from earning TLM from mining, AlienWorlds has added a new earning feature in their discord community. All you need to do is join their discord server, connect your WAX wallet and interact with the community. Each message will be rewarded with TLM as long it's not considered spam. You can join their Discord here

AW discord verify

Enter wallet address here

Other ways to earn TLM is through staking through PlanetDAO or Binance Missions (gets you an NFT too), selling the NFT's you got while mining (currently disabled), upgrading your NFT's (shinning) to make your NFT's more powerful, and participating in contests. AW does regular events in their Discord & Telegram channels. 

IMO, Earning through Discord is one awesome way to grow your TLM. Not only do you earn, but you also engage with the community, check new updates, events or announcements and meet new friends. 

For now, AlienWorlds is like an idle game (at least for now) or like a high paying faucet😂 at least until Thunder Dome, a PVP like arena where players can use their NFT's to battle each other and earn more TLM goes live. But is also good for busy people who can't put too much time on playing. All you need to do here is just click the mine button and comeback after the timer ends. What more is there to ask for right? 😁

For Interested Players:

You need a WAX Cloud Wallet - New users are now required to pay 5 WAX to create an account 

Visit AlienWorlds and connect your account and your good to go. You will be given basic tools that you can use to start mining. 

You can also visit this Guide to learn more about mining on different planets and lands

Useful Links: Website Medium Twitter Instagram Telegram Discord 

Check Out some apps I use for earning:

Betfury - Online casino which offers staking reward's and 15 min faucet

Torum - Join the fastest growing crypto community & earn rewards for your engagement - Twitter like platform where you earn BitcoinCash (BCH) tips on your post's

D.Buzz- Hive powered Twitter like platform

ADBTC - High paying PTC site

Final Autoclaim - Awesome microearning site with passive income options

Celsius - Don't just HODL grow your crypto while sleeping 

Coinpayz - Faucet, PTC site that grows your earnings as you lvl up

PipeFlare - Earn free ZCash (ZEC), Polygon (Matic) & Flare (FLR) from the faucet 

GetZen - Earn free Horizen (ZEN)

Play Hive Games:

Splinterlands - Trading card NFT's where you can earn rewards (DEC)

RisingStars - Idle type, MMO where you earn STARBITS (similar to AlienWorlds but the genre is in the music industry)



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