Upland.me - The Virtual Property NFT Game: Upland Cards and Earning ROI with RPlanet

Uplandme has recently jumped into the NFT game by releasing their first series of digital trading cards. Packs came in two varieties, Hero and Titan Packs. Hero packs launched at $15 worth of $WAXP, while Titan packs launched at $35 worth of $WAXP. Both are currently sold out, but can be purchased on the secondary market.                                                                 9683d9e1f057b18d6213c30cbb82f7901c12e9440e85cdadf564212dbf702311.png

The content probabilities were as follows:




The max mint # of each card rarity are:

  • Commons : 1554
  • Uncommons: 660
  • Rares: 330
  • Epics: 170
  • Legendary: 90
  • Mythics: 15
  • And Uniques: 1/1

These cards are slated to have in-game utility, but as the writing of this article their utility is unknown. A dapp on the wax.io interface called rplanet allows users to stake their NFT for a resource called $AETHER which can be used to craft elements in the game. Aether however, can be sold for WAXP on the alcor marketplace. The current rate is 0.00086 WAXP per AETHER or $0.0002. This may sound minuscule until you see how much AETHER it is possible to earn.



Upland cards can be staked for the following amounts of AETHER per hour on Rplanet.

  • Commons : 0.5 AETHER/hours
  • Uncommons: 1 AETHER/hours
  • Rares: 5 AETHER/hours
  • Epics: 10 AETHER/hours
  • Legendary: 25 AETHER/hours
  • Mythics: 50 AETHER/hours

These amounts add up incredibly fast. I am currently making approximately 1400 AETHER/hr which is ~ $40/week in wax with 500 cards of mixed rarity staked.



For the sake of simplicity, let's discuss the current ROI on commons and uncommons based on lowest prices on the marketplace. The current market for commons is 1.5 wax and 2 wax for uncommons. This means the ROI for each is as follows:

Commons 0.5 aether/hr x 24 hours x 7 days in a week = 84 AETHER/week x 0.00085 Aether/wax = 0.0714 WAXP/week;  1.5 wax / 0.0714 = 21 weeks for principle return.

Uncommons 1 aether/hr x 24 hours x 7 days in a week = 168 AETHER/week x 0.00085 Aether/wax = 0.1428 WAXP/week;  2 wax / 0.1428 = 14 weeks for principle return.

These values will vary with WAXP price, AETHER price, and current market rates of commons and uncommons. But remember you still own the cards which have inherent value and are likely to also increase in value.

In conclusion, staking upland cards is an attractive way to earn a passive income, and with a moderate investment may offer substantial weekly cash flow. There is a limited amount of each card however (450,000 total cards, many of which are still locked in packs) and prices are likely to rise fast and make ROI times rapidly increase.

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