Ethereum Capital — The 0x167 Smart Contract, Part 5: September Has Finally Ended

This blog outlines my experience using Ethereum Capital. Each month I take my earned dividends are reinvest them back into the contact. This post will cover the data from the second half of September, how much I personally earned this month, and my thoughts moving forward.

For an overview of the Ethereum Capital smart contract, please read the first post in this series: Ethereum Capital — Earning Daily Dividends, Part 1: My First Five Days


The Data


Simply put, we're in a rut. In August I earned 12.7% on my total invested amount; in September I only earned 2.87%. Now, the average savings account will currently yield under 1% over the course of a year; so I'm content with 2.87% in a month.


The Trend


While it's possible to go lower, I'm inclined to think I've bottomed out the average daily dividend at 0.001 ETH (0.03% of my total investment). Therefore since it can't go lower, my guess is that October will show similar gains to September and then I'm expecting a rise in mid-November. If I'm reading this right, we're in the proverbial dip; it's a good time in invest. So my plan is to double my current value in the contract over the next month or so.


Please keep in mind this data represents my personal experience with this smart contract, it is not financial advice. However, if you are interested please use my referral link, it would be greatly appreciated.


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Cascading Faith
Cascading Faith

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Earning Passive Income Daily
Earning Passive Income Daily

This blog outlines my personal experiences in earning daily dividends through Ethereum Capital, a site which claims to give out lifelong Ethereum Dividends.

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