Earn Crypto With The Coinpot Faucets
Earn Crypto With The Coinpot Faucets

By Luke9801 | Earning-Online | 9 Jan 2020

What are the coinpot faucets?  

A cryptocurrency faucet is a website that allows you to claim a small amount of money by clicking a button. You visit the site, complete a simple captcha and get paid. The site makes money by displaying advertisements that might interest you.  

The coinpot faucets are a group of 7 faucets that payout to the coinpot micro-wallet. This micro-wallet allows you to convert between the currencies it supports for a small 4% fee. You can withdraw in any of the supported currencies as soon as you reach the minimum withdrawal amount (varies by currency, 10000 BTC/BCH satoshi) and your withdrawal will be processed within 48 hours. Supported currencies are bitcoin, bitcoin cash, litecoin, doge and dash.  

These faucets are advertised as "the faucets that let you chose when to claim". While most faucets make you wait and only claim every day or every hour, these faucets allow you to claim as much or as little as you like. The amount you claim builds over time, quickly at first but slower as time goes on. Thus, the more often you claim, the more you earn. Each faucet also provides 25%-50% referral commission.  

The Faucets  

Name (Pays in)

MoonBitcoin (BTC)

MoonDogecoin (DOGE)

MoonLitecoin (LTC)

MoonDash (DASH)

MoonBitcoinCash (BCH)

Bitfun (BTC)

BonusBitcoin (BTC)  

How much can you earn with the coinpot faucets?  

By claiming each faucet 6 times a day you can earn 350400 satoshi a year ((12 satoshi/4 hours * 5 faucets * 2 from 100% daily claim bonus) +40 from bitfun & bonusbitcoin * 6 times a day * 365 days a year). At the current exchange rate, that's $50. Not that impressive.   However, if you up that to claiming every hour with 100 referrals doing the same, you earn 53611200 satoshi each year ((6 satoshi/hours * 5 faucets * 3 from 100% daily claim & referral bonus) + 30 from bitfun & bonusbitcoin * 24 times a day * 365 days a year * 51 from 50% referral commission). That's $7550! Not too shabby. All you need to do is spread the word (to gain referrals) and be consistent (ie. never sleep so you can claim every hour).  

*The numbers in these calculations are a bit optimistic. They assume that your referrals also have 100% ref bonus, that the 5 main faucets pay at the same rate and provide the same referral commission as moonbitcoin. However do not include the coinpot tokens you would earn from your claims.


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