SwapSpace invasion from the space. A story of aliens, swap, cryptocurrencies and invasions (Yes, it is for the SwapSpace contest)

By lemming | Miscellanea | 25 Jul 2021

SwapSpace invasion from the space. A story of aliens, swap, cryptocurrencies, and invasions


- Hello human being.
- Oh no, again?! The alien invasion!
- Looks like you're not happy to see me again.
- What do you think about it? Last time you wanted to invade my planet. Now, what do you want?
- We want to invade your planet.
- Still? Did you say you want to invade? How many are you this time?
- Me and my gang.
- Those there?
- We are more than enough to conquer the blockchain.
- Huh?
- After you explained to me what cryptocurrencies are I realized that to conquer your world it takes money, a lot of money and we are here to mine cryptocurrencies. We will mine them all: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Tron, ...
- Oh yes. And do you have quantum computers to do this?
- We stole a hundred computers from a retailer. We will build our own farm to mine Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.
- Oh yes? What was the reseller's name?
- It was called the Waste Recovery and Recycling Center.
- Ah, understood. Then, it was you (the balls) who stole the garbage trucks last week. We're still (laughing) talking about it.
- - Yes, it was us and now we will make money with mining.
- Eh! I don't think you will get very far if you will use computers that no longer work from 30 years ago.
- What do you mean, Earthmen? I have the impression that you are offensive.
- Calm you! I just wanted to say that those computers no longer work, especially for mining.
- Then? What should we do on Earth?
- Let's see, let me think. You are ... how many are you?
- 31.
- Well, 31 referrals wouldn't be bad, all at once.
- Huh?
- Nothing, I was thinking to myself. I think you could try to make money with the cryptocurrencies swap.
- Swap?
- Yes with the swap. Let's take an example.
- Yes, give us this example.
- Imagine you have cherries, what are you doing?

- I'll eat them.
- But what if they are too many?
- I eat what I can and the others I throw away.
- Wrong answer!
- Why wrong? If I ate them all, I would get a stomach ache. I eat what I can and the others I throw away.
- Wrong. The ones you have left you could exchange for something else. You could do a swap.
- A Swap?
- For example, you swap them and turn them into jam. So you can eat them even in a few months.
- And how do I do this?
- To do that, the cryptocurrency swap?
- Jam.
- Remove the stems and stones. Put everything in a pot with sugar and pectin ...


... Boil and then put the jam inside glass jars. Close the jars and boil them for safety. And you have the jam.

- Okay. And with cryptocurrencies how can I make a jam?
- With swapping. Click on this link and create an account.- And then?
- Enter the cryptocurrency you own and the one you want in exchange.
- And then?
- Enter the required quantity.

- And then?
- You look at the different offers with the comparator and choose the most advantageous one?
- And why should I do it on this site? How did you say his name was?
- It is called SwapSpace and you should use it because it allows you to compare the offers of many specialized sites and to choose the one that is the most advantageous for you at that moment.

- OK! I got it. So if we use Swapspace we can conquer the world.
- Again? Why do you want to conquer the world?



All images were taken by me with the smartphone camera, except the 4th and the 5th that are captured from the original SwapSpace website (https://swapspace.co/)

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