Womplay! A cool way to earn Eos while playing games!

There have been a few posts about Womplay here on Publish0x and mine will be mostly the same. I will explain how to use it. I will explain how to set up a Wombat Eos wallet and I will explain how it works. What makes my post different? I have a video featuring me, explaining it! Is my voice soothing and calming or like Ben Steins? 

The very first thing you will need is a Wombat wallet. Even if you already have an Eos wallet you'll need one. You can easily import a current Eos wallet or create a new one in Wombat. You can download one from Google Play or Apple Pay. There is also Wombat browser extensions and they can all connect depending on your login method. (I used a Google acct). The beautiful part about Wombat is that when used with Womplay you won't have to worry about CPU/NET/RAM staking as they basically cover all of that for you. Additionally there are a few partners that you can preform actions with freely as well. If you wanted to preform actions outside of those you can get additional 5 free actions. I'm very happy these mechanisms are available. It makes onboarding easier for new users. A year+ ago staking 30 Eos to operate on the Eos blockchain was not very user friendly. 

Now that you are set up, lets go to womplay.io. <---My referral link allows me earn as you earn and I encourage you to invite others so you can enjoy referral rewards as well.  If you are not interested in referral links you may go directly to womplay.io and get started. An invite is not necessary. I first learned about Womplay from The Very Confused Martin Babalor. He introduced it to me in his Womplay post recently. Feel free to use his referral code as well.

It's really simple to sign up. Simply use the same method you used to create the wombat wallet and it should link them. Takes under 5 minutes. No fuss or muss. (Again I used a google acct).

Now the exciting part! Earning Eos. 


Lets explain how it works. There are 4 (that I found) ways to earn. 

-Downloading apps and performing various tasks within the games. Once completed you earn various prizes of Wombucks.

-Quick Play, these are games you can play from your browser and are fun, easy and sometimes addictive. 

-Challenges, Compete against other players in games and accomplish goals/tasks to gain the rewards.

-Daily tasks. These can vary so check in frequently to see what is available

Sounds simple right? Well it is. This is all you need to do to start earning. 


I think I should explain how Wombucks and Eos earnings work. Each week Womplay starts a new reward pool. You can claim your share of that pool depending on how much Wombucks you earn throughout the week. You can see your estimated amount on the main page. This reward is valued and sent to your Eos wallet in Eos at the end of each week. Simply put, More games = more Wombucks and more Wombucks = More Eos. Having fun while earning crypto!? Yes you can. There are several decent games to check out and new ones are added frequently.

Overall it's not a very complicated platform and onboarding users on to Eos has never been easier. The apps and quick play games give some variety and I feel most people can find a game they enjoy and earn while they do it. Don't expect to get rich but a little bit of income while playing games sure is nice.

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Until Next time, Get claiming!


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Earning Crypto with no cost.
Earning Crypto with no cost.

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