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The Pi Network

For my premier post on Publish0x (something I'm excited about) I wanted to talk about something else I'm also excited about. The Pi network

I'll explain what Pi is and then we can get into some more details. There is a lot to cover so I plan to actually run an extensive blog about it.

The Pi Network is an app that rewards it's "Pioneers" in Pi for using it. The app itself is simple, basic and forward. It has a simple easy to use interface where you can chat with others in various languages and see your earnings in detail along with other information. You can earn pi hourly by simply logging on every 24 hrs and clicking a single button, you can however be rewarded more by fulfilling other roles like the contributor and ambassador. These two roles help secure the pi network and help it grow. The reward is an increased hourly earning rate of Pi.

Created by Poorboycrypto

The Pi network launched on March 14, 2019 (Pi day) and has grown to over 2.5million engaged Pioneers in over 180+ countries. That is insane growth in the crypto community and tho it's not available to exchanges until phase 3 it should be take seriously as a possible leading crypto heading into the future. Not many cryptos can boast these numbers. Add in availability on the phone, the inclusive format and using the stellar consensus protocol (SCP) it will allow for quick and very inexpensive transactions. Being a proof of stake (POS) coin and low requirements to run a node means it can easily scale with large numbers. 


Here is a quick Podcast explanation in auditory for those who find it easier to listen instead of read.



Pi is not for sale and can't be bought or sold in any exchange (yet), so you might ask where does the value of this coin come from. Well they have plans for the future in the Pi marketplace. (currently a small group is testing in app tansfers) This is a market place in which any pioneer can buy and sell goods and services to any other pioneer. This means that we create the value and each transaction proves the countless usecases Pi can have. Instead of an ICO or an IEO establishing a value, this will be well established before it ever goes to an exchange. Not only that 2.5m+(and counting daily) people have their own incredible value.

The developers, up until recently were just 3 members and have done an amazing job thus far. Some updates have been made and it's becoming more than an idea as In app transfers are starting in a small test group where trades for real goods and services have already begun. For now this project is closed sourced and not all plans are given to the pioneers of the community and as with all exciting things it can't happen soon enough. The Pi network in its early stages does deal with bugs and growth problems on it's centralized server (stage 3 will bring decentralization on a blockchain).Like any new project it encounters growing pains and issues but the devs have dealt with them quickly and efficiency. While they could have more communication with the community on smaller concerns. Every major issues is taken care of and the community is informed in an appropriate timeline.

Speaking of community, as with other coins a strong one has formed. There are countless social medias and groups formed to help keep each other informed and connected. The Pitgcc or Pi the global cryptocurrency runs an extensive network which include thousands or people. Where we help people connect and learn more about pi. Here is the discord for Pitgcc which we consider the hub.


It's hard to predict the future and what it will bring but with a strong community and a well executed plan I see great things here.


The Pi network is invite only use this link to join.



Below I will include links to the white paper, a link to an about page of the devs and the minepi site. Additionally Please refer to the many Pi videos Iv'e created on Youtube explaining Pi in great detail. 



I hope you like my first post on Publish0x and please feel free to ask questions in the comments and any constructive criticism is welcome.

Please stay tuned for more on Pi and other ways to earn crypto at little or no cost in the future.

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