Play and Earn with Sunflower Land | A beginners guide.

Helloooo everybody, back again with yet another way to Play and Earn Crypto! This time I'm excited to introduce you to Sunflower land. A browser game on the Polygon network that takes a fun gamified approach to virtual farming. I created a video that explains how everything works if you feel like listening to me while you read or prefer the audio/visual explanation instead of reading. 

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What You'll need

Access to a browsers. Apparently it works on phones and tablets but PCs and laptops would probably be easier as browser games can have funky interactions when used on phones. You'll also need a Polygon wallet for this, I just used Metamask and added the Polygon network. There is a quick video tutorial here if ya need it. Lastly you'll need some Matic in your wallet. I'd guess about $6 or $7 worth is fine. To mint land from costs $5 with a portion going to a couple charities, alternatively you can buy one at Opensea for about $3 (this may change as these are the prices at the time of this writing). Once you've bought or minted your piece of Sunflower land and open the game you'll be brought to a screen like this. (As shown below.)


How it Works

When you first open the game you'll be brought to a screen similar to this, (shown above) with exception in that you won't have access to the two farms on the left.

To start earning you do a small task and receive a couple crops to sell in the shop for SFL (shown below.) With the profits you can purchase sunflower seeds (1 min cooldown) Once they grow into fruition you can pull these crops, take them to the shop and repeat this process, this time with a small profit of SFL. Once you gain enough SFL you can then purchase Potatoes Seeds (Yes potatoes have seeds, I didn't know this.) Potatoes have a 5 minute timer and pay SFL more each crop out. You can continue to crop out and replant and slowly generate revenue in SFL. Soon you'll be able to purchase better crops and have increased times, thus creating some down time and a semi passive Play to Earn routine. 


Sounds simple right? Well yes and no, there are tasks to complete to open each new level of seeds. Some of these require crops that are time consuming to collect. Advancing to each new seed which pays higher (not necessarily more efficient or better... I'll explain shortly) can be time consuming and require considerable resources. You can purchase SFL from Quickswap and the required resources from Opensea and jump ahead buy "buying" your way to end game but consider first that some seeds with lower cooldown times are more efficient at earning SFL then others with longer cooldown times.  So it might be more profitable to grind out sunflower seeds at 1 minute instead of just planting 1 set of 24hr cooldown seeds. Life requires sleep, work, social, living and more so this isn't always an answer nor is it much fun to point and click all day long on a virtual farming game. The point here is that purchasing your way to end game might not actually increase your ROI.

With a few tasks complete you can open up the other farms, a chicken coup, wood cutting and mining. With a combination of materials you can craft various NFTs that can increase various stats for farms, like decreased cooldown times or increased outputs and increased chance of mutant crops are just a few examples. Some are available to craft while many NFTs (shown below) have max limits and are sold out so if you really desire one you'll have to purchase one on Opensea.


Essentially that's all there is to it. Plant seeds, wait, crop out, sell crops and profit. Then repeat. Once you have a decent amount of SFL you can withdraw to your Polygon wallet at the in game bank then do whatever the heck you want with it. (Shove it up your butt IDC!) However to advance and increase efficiency and profits you'll have to reinvest your SFL back into the game.

Other Important things

-There is a Defi protocol for SFL on Quickswap.

-There is frequent events and updates.

-The game is in beta and has a lot of room to grow.

-Very interesting tokenomics, which include halfings at certain SFL reward intervals. (Find more info in the Docs here.)

-You can take profits by withdrawing SFL, crafting NFTs and selling them on Opensea and even selling crops on Opensea. The goblins will take 30% of the crops and it goes to the goblin community treasury.

Final Thoughts

To put it simply this is a point and click game and the excitement level isn't exactly high, however I am actually enjoying it. Something about building a farm empire while making some crypto seems fun. I like that there are so many different seeds cooldown times that I can make farming SFL fluid and flexible. I can plant seed while I sleep, do errands, work, social activity and family life. The devs are active and continuously adding content, events and updates. They also actively ban multi accounts, bot accounts and scammers. I like the tokenomics and I think the format could potentially have long term sustainability. At the very least it wont bloat into a massive inflationary coin that's almost worthless like SLP from Axie Infinity. I do see that the game will be a hit and miss game, for some it'll feel like a grind and be unenjoyable. Some will just grind out crypto and leave while others will find a long term enjoyable community and game. Personally I plan to play and enjoy it...until I don't until then I will quit. In the meantime I plan to build a bag of SFL even if it doesn't make me rich. 


Thank you. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

I have other methods I go over on how to earn Crypto at no cost right here on Publish0x and additionally you can view my videos on these video platforms.

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