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So I've been using HoneyGain for some time now, it's a passive way to earn a small crypto income (Video on Honeygain here) (Download Honeygain Today). Previously you could cash out in Bitcoin, at some point they adapted JumpTask and now there is no Bitcoin withdraws. Instead you now withdrawn the JMPT token to your BSC (Binance smart chain) wallet. Initially I was a little disappointed but I can always convert this new token to Bitcoin or wrapped Bitcoin. So I decided to check out JumpTask and was surprised at what it does.

Here is a the video version of my explanation. 

What Is JumpTask And JMPT Token

JMPT token is a BEP20 (The Binance smart chains ERC20 equivalent) which is reward from JumpTask for doing various tasks. These tasks include using Honeygain, downloading and playing games, downloading and using apps, doing surveys, staking, Defi, and all kinds of various tasks. Each task you complete rewards you with JMPT token, these all have a USD pegged value so while the value of JMPT will change the USD value wont. eg...If you accept a task with $5.00 value. You will get $5.00 in JMPT token regardless if the value of JMPT changes from when you begin.

How To Earn JMPT

There are some decent apps you can play like Raid and Viking, there are also a slew of other lesser known apps/games. Depending on your taste of games and apps you might find something you enjoy. At first glance the games look like a grind fest to me but some pay decently and may be worth the grind. There are several tasks that require spending/depositing money or purchasing something. eg...Deposit $20.00 in XCasino game and the reward is $19.00 in JMPT token, personally I'm staying away from this. I'm happy with passive earnings from Honeygain and if I see a game I might like to play, I'll download that and go ahead.

There are also surveys and these are limited. I've done surveys before and they are not bad but they can be hit and miss. Many are based on demographics. 

Staking your earned JMPT token is easy, and the rewards (at the time of this writing) are decent. Once you gain 10+JMPT you can join the first protocol. There are a couple better ones but these have a limited time and higher requirements to join.



I like that there is no lock up period and I can earn crypto on top of my earned crypto. I doubt I'll be buying any to join the higher ones tho.

You can swap to or from JMPT token on Pancakeswap, there is probably some Defi there, personally I stay away from smaller Defi so I didn't dig to deep on what Defi is available. Seems like there should be more to say here but that essentially sums it all up.

Final Thoughts

JumpTask is not a new idea, offerwalls and task reward systems have been around for a while. Lots of apps and faucets have them and the rates seem competitive. I've always found that surveys are inconsistent as many are based on age/sex/income/shopping habits etc, and you may not be eligible for many or you can have a whole bunch available. Additionally some of the game task have time limits and while many may be easy, some can be hard to achieve and if you don't complete them in time you may not get any rewards at all. If you've previously played a game from another offerwall or even on your own you won't be eligible for rewards. 

There are 2 things that help JumpTask stick out from the rest. Decent staking rewards and Honeygain. These two alone will keep me using it, tho I will probably keep exchanging most of my JMPT for wrapped BTC and a smaller portion into staking and leave it at that. As for the rest of it? I've done these type of systems before and they can pay out decently, especially if you enjoy the game you are getting rewarded for. I will keep checking in and see if there is a game I enjoy.  The surveys I'll skip and many of the random tasks seem like garbage. 

I think JumpTask is a decent app/platform but it runs on the Binance Smart Chain and I don't like using Binance Smart Chain, it's full of scams.

JMPT token has had some healthy gains for a decent amount of time while the rest of the market goes sideways and I'm curious as to why, anyone know? From $1.81 in late July to it's current ATH $2.71 now.

Anyways..Thats all.

Thank you. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

I have other methods I go over on how to earn Crypto at no cost right here on Publish0x and additionally you can view my videos on these video platforms.

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Until Next time, Get claiming!



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