Lightning Arcade! Play to Earn Bitcoin game!

Back again with another game you can earn Bitcoin on! This one is brand spanking new! It still smells like a new car! This one is called Lightning Arcade and you can earn Bitcoin and Cash (BTC via the Lightning Network and Fiat via Paypal). It's super simple and I explain it all in this video as well as the post below.

So how does it work?

Well you will need to first download the Lightning Arcade game here, you'll also need to have a payout option. You'll need either a Paypal account or a Bitcoin Lightning wallet, either work and are supported.

What is great about Lightning arcade is you can choose from 8 games (more coming in future updates) and jump into game play right away. You simply pick a game from the main play then press play once it loads. Each game has it's own rules, but they are really simple.

(Main page shown below)


How can you play to earn?

Each week a game is selected for the weekly tournament. The objective is to play and place in a paying position, you have the full week to accomplish this and/or hold your position. Currently there is only 10 paying position upon reaching 100 active users but as the app grows the prize amounts and the amount of people paid will increase. Additionally they plan to add in additional ways to earn, examples could be monthly Tournaments or flash tournaments.

So while there are play to earn  game systems like this already out there what I find interesting is that this can also be used as a passive income if you are good enough. The scores carry over and can be used if that game is featured in a tournament during a following rotation. Additionally you can plan ahead and play the other games and achieve scores in each of them. This way when a weekly tournament falls on a game you've already achieved a high score you can potentially keep a paying position and not even play during that week. Keep in mind that this could easily become very competitive and I wouldn't count on keeping a paying position.

(Featured below is an SS of one of the games)


If you win, you'll be sent a DM via the chat function and also a code to redeem your prize. A new week will start and a new weekly tournament will begin. Rinse and repeat.

Other notable features and thoughts.

So for me this is kind of a no brainer. Play during some downtime and earn some Bitcoin on the lightning network. I already have a lightning network wallet and if you don't sweat, it takes 5 minutes to set up and there area bunch of free ones. Search the internet or there might even be a guide here on Publosh0x. Obviously earning isn't a guarantee, you'll have to put some time in and get good. 

These games are simple yet addictive games that you can easily jump in and play and jump out. The are easy to play but hard to master and yes they can be frustrating at times. That's the beauty of games like this tho. Simple mind numbing games to kill some time. 

You won't get rich playing this game, retire or be able to quit your day job. However you can stack those sats or cash out via Paypal and Lunch is on Lightning Arcade!

I like that the Devs have considered the future and plan to expand the payouts. I don't think many people would be interested if there was only 10 payout spots for 10's of thousands of users. Lets hope it scales well so even a mediocre gamer like me can stack a few sats each week. 

I also really like all the games that are slowly jumping onto payments on the Lightning network and having payouts in Paypal is a nice option for no-coiners who might be inquisitive about Bitcoin. Each project like this is a little step forward to adopt more people into crypto.

I think that aboot covers it. There isn't a whole lot of complications or processes here. Simple ----> Play games and earn.

Thank you. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

I have other methods I go over on how to earn Crypto at no cost right here on Publish0x and additionally you can view my videos on these video platforms.

Poorboycrypto YouTube     Poorboycrypto Bittube      Poorboycrypto LBRY

Until Next time, Get claiming!


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Earning Crypto with no cost.

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