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As a new Youtuber (less than 1 year) I've been searching for other avenues to publish my content. I've come across many and tho Steem has been a front runner. I've heard of many issues with new users being able to succeed on there, add in the recent controversy. I'll keep my distance for now. 




Since my entire Youtube channel revolves around showing my subscribers how to earn crypto at little to no cost and the only thing being spent is usually time and/or effort. I was more than happy to stumble on LBRY from a post on here- Publish0x. This allows my users to not only watch my content and learn how to earn crypto in various ways but it allows them to earn while they are learning. Very cool! Check out the video I made featuring LBRY.


In the video I go over the whole process but I can explain how it works quickly here as well.


LBRY is a platform that allows Publishers to upload videos and then allows users to view it. However there is a couple of differences from a centralized entity like YouTube. 1 It is essentially file sharing. This in its simplest form means that other users can download your video and everyone can then share it to one another. Kind of similar to Napster or bit torrent. 2. You can be rewarded the Cryptocurrecny LBC for performing various task, one being watching videos. It really is that simple.

Users can do several things with this newly earned crypto. They can tip their favorite videos/publishers. They can support channels by staking LBC on there channel/videos and the obvious, they can withdraw it and do what ever the heck they want.


As a content creator I am able to reap in some added benefits. I was able to upload my entire catalog of videos (almost 70) into the LBRY database. Even if some are lower quality than i'd like to admit. I have to say I'm impressed with how easy it was. It took about 5 minutes to accomplish this task and it also auto uploads my new videos from YouTube automatically!

There is another thing I should mention. They don't have the ridiculous censorship that YouTube has. Tho there is a flag system for the most offensive content. Which is good for many crypto content creators on YouTube who have been affected before by YouTube's autoban system.

If you don't want to be part of the File sharing you can just watch on your browser. However if you download the app onto your pc/laptop you help file share and each video you watch can be downloaded. Additionally I should mention there is a beta version located in the Google play store. I have not checked that out but I will soon.

In summary I'm very excited to grow my following on this platform and I LBRY can grow and be used not just as an alternative to YouTube but as an actual competitor. I am bias towards decentralized platforms and entities but for good reason. I think they will be the format for many things in the future.


For a starting boost of 20 LBC use my referral Link---> https://lbry.tv/$/invite/@Poorboycrypto:8

If referral Links are not your thing, I'll list all official links below.

Until next time. Get claiming!

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Hello, I'm Poorboycrypto and I host a Youtube channel among other content creations. My aim is to help others earn cryptocurrency for little to no cost by preforming various tasks. I inform anyone willing to listen/watch.

Earning Crypto with no cost.
Earning Crypto with no cost.

In this section I go through several ways that you can earn crypto with 0-low cost incurred. We cover apps, faucets, games, staking and sites like this plus more...Join me in discovering ways the average person can join the crypto space while earning, learning and enjoying themselves while doing it.

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