Introducing Bittube. Earn Tube for watching free videos!

Today I'd like to introduce you all to Bittube! If you are already aware and part of Bittube please consider subscribing here

First- What is Bittube and how does it work? Simple it's a platform similar to YouTube. You can search and find content you like and watch it. You can subscribe to content providers and them to you. (If you are so inclined to provide content). There are some small differences with the UI (User interface) but overall the site is easy to use. 1 Notable difference, on Bittube you can earn for watching videos with a system called Airtime. I explain the whole process in this video.


Now this alone is a great incentive to join Bittube. If you're interested click this referral LINK and get started. First let me explain how you can earn Tube (Bittubes crypto) in other ways.

Bittube can also be used with a browser extension or even its own browser. You can link up your social media, websites and even apps that you operate and when other Bittubers engage with that content you get rewarded. Now you can earn from your social circle engaging in your content and vice versa.



For those of us who are content providers it gets even better! You earn as viewers enjoy your content and this Free speech and censorship space allows us the freedom to upload legal videos without Youtube or other major social medias taking down our content or demonetizing us because we don't follow the rules that they deem prudent.  A necessary thing when major social medias seem to be restricting what they allow on their platforms. It's super easy to link up your Youtube channel and all added videos are automatically uploaded to Bittube.

Recently I made an article featuring LBRY and you might be asking which is better. I won't be getting to deep into it but I will tell you that I enjoyed the UI of Bittube better. LBRY rewards are higher. Bittube seems to be building for long term. They both have huge positives and I'd have a hard time choosing between them if my hand was forced.

The biggest take away for me is that we are being rewarded for our attention. Something Youtube doesn't do. Another major plus. We are not being bombarded with double ads every 5 minutes of video. This is something we should all embrace and I encourage all content providers on Youtube to add one if not both of these platforms and any of the other ones out there. Our attention, our content and we should be rewarded for it instead of pumping Google full of ad revenue.

I hope you enjoyed this article. I have many other posts explaining how to earn crypto at little to no cost so please consider following me for more posts like this. Additionally I have videos on Youtube, Bittube and LBRY


Until next time, get claiming!7355d05489372134b6c56d6c474234168c7facc7245d4962fa114efb3852b4a5.jpeg

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Earning Crypto with no cost.
Earning Crypto with no cost.

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