Ecoin- Will it be Viable?

It seems like everyday a new coin/token pops up and offers some gimmick or marketing incentive. To "earn their Crypto". We are essentially bombarded by them in the Cryptospace at every turn. Not only do we need to sift through the scams, we have to sort through the seemingly unlimited ****coins to find something that is decent .

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Enter Ecoin. With over 1.6m accounts joined in an incredibly short time(about 1 month) this coin seems to have something behind it, or does it. 

This growth is actually insane. This many people in such a short period of time, unheard of! However I have my doubts as many will agree.

The coin cap (1 trillion?) is a little to high to give it decent value. The use case and source of value is us. Tho this does actually hold true we have incredible value. Look at Google and FB. I'm not exactly sure how Ecoin intends to implement this. Add in the coin freeze withdraw and it being a token on EOS. I Hope you don't mind if i hold my excitement. 



You can buy and sell Ecoin on Probit Exchange and although my digging was only surface (about 45 minutes) I believe the Project to be legit. (Always do your own research). They seem to have events and multiple ways to engage to community to earn more Ecoin so it seems like they are actually an active dev team.

In the end it's easy to sign up, it's free and the efforts are minimal to gain more Ecoin. If this happens to gain traction and value that's great and if not I have not risked anything and I won't risk anything in the future. (example being a deposit of some sort) 


Here is the site if you'd like to check it out for yourself. I'd really Like to hear some of your thoughts in the comments section below.


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