Earning Bitcoin With Slice's Browser Extension

Get your slice of Bitcoin with this cool new Browser Extension. (I couldn't resist the cheesy intro). This browser extension gets installed on your Chrome Browser, and earns you bitcoin while you browse or even stream on Twitch! How does it all work? I go over it in this video if you feel like listening and watching instead of reading oooorrrr do both.

How To Get Started

If you use the Chrome browser (yes it works with Brave) you first need to download the Slice Extension, once you do that. You start sign up process, get the confirmation code sent to your email and use it to finalize your sign up. Next you'll need to link the extension to your account. This is also done with another confirmation code. The whole process should take only a 5-10 minutes. 

How It Works

When you use certain sites (Google, Twitter, Quora, Reddit, Wikipedia, Twitch, Youtube and more added soon.) with the Slice extension enabled you are shown various banner ads from Slice, every banner ad you see gives you a reward in Slice. Slice has a value in USD but is not a cryptocurrency. Once you reach the minimum threshold and pass the grace period. You can exchange the Slice for cash via Paypal or for Bitcoin via the Lightning Network (more specifically satoshis.) More methods are planned to be released in the future.

Additionally you can sign up to get rewarded on Twitch for streaming. You and your viewers who are also signed up get rewarded 50/50 for each ad they see. I personally like this and think it's a great way to help reward small streamers. They do plan to add Youtube streaming in the future and it's worth noting that this is in Beta Phase so things will improve and things may change over time.

If you have an AD BLOCKER you will need disengage it, and/or if you are using the Brave Browser you'll need to allow slice permissions. If you've done it right you'll see ads. If not there will be a white box with a link that will take you to the site with instructions needed to set it up. Some people may prefer the ad free space they normally enjoy and if you do then maybe Slice is not meant for you. It's profit model is based on ads and the revenue it generates is from/for viewers seeing the ads.

Other Noteworthy Things

While this won't make you rich, allow you to retire or let you quit your day job if you don't mind be submitted to a few banner ads you can stack stats for doing things you normally do anyway. Most of us watch Youtube or tweet on Twitter and search with Google so it's nice to earn some sats while we do something we already do. It does have a 30 day grace period which seems a little long IMO and there is Payout Walls which makes sense for Paypal. The Payout Wall for the Lightning Wallet only takes a couple days to surpass. 

There is a referral system (my link above) and you can link other PC connections. You can also turn the ad frequency up or down.

Slice respects user data and it claims to not share any it collects. 

Soooo is it worth it? If you don't mind ads. The sure, you'll earn a few bucks a month in Satoshi. Using it with Brave and Presearch you can start making it worth while.


Thank you. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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Until Next time, Get claiming!


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Earning Crypto with no cost.
Earning Crypto with no cost.

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