Earn Bitcoin Cash with read.cash! My initial thoughts.

About a week ago I joined read.cash recommended from one of @Scottcbusiness many posts here on Publish0x and overall I think it's a great site and any content creator trying to grow their brand/channels/online presence can definitely take advantage of it and be able to monetize their content. I made a video about it for anyone who doesn't feel the need to read.

For those of us who feel like reading lets continue, or if you feel like just jumping right in click HERE

There are some positives and negatives about read.cash and I'll go over those but first I'll explain what it is and how it works. 

Read.cash rewards you for your content. More specifically posts/blogs/articles and this sort of thing. You upload or create your content and publish it. As other users engage with your content you gain points. These points are gained in a variety of ways. Likes, view, comments and as well as when you log on and engage with other content. Now as far as I know they don't tell you how the point system works presissly  (I was unable to find it, if anyone knows please leave a link in the comment section below.) However it pays literally to be involved on the site. 


At the end of each day the points you accumulate dictate how much you're paid from the daily pool in BCH. (As seen above in spending) This pool is allocated to all the users who gained points that day based on how many point they have. This daily pool and the points is reset and a new day begins. The daily pool is determined from the Cash fund daily on a % basis. You can also receive tips from others and promote (giving you ad space on their post with your channel) and be promoted by others. Lastly you can earn a % from those you refer to read.cash.

In other words/TL DR: Create quality content and you will receive more engagement from the community thus gaining more points and generating you more BCH rewards. Rinse and repeat.

I will be using this in conjunction with Publish0x and LBRY and Bittube ...etc. While Publish0x and Read.cash are vary simular we as content creators can utilize both instead of restricting ourselves to just one.

It's really easy to use and making posts is simple and easy. If your able to create a post here you can make one there. Just make sure you bring a pen and paper for the seed phrase upon signing up!

Lets go over some of the positives and negatives.


With my first post I was able to generate $0.33 USD value in BCH (so far).

They have a large amount of communities to post a variety of content which include a large variety on non crypto topics.

You can create your own communities and have others post in them.

Easy to use.

The obvious. Getting paid for your content!

Another avenue/outlet to grow your online presence. 

Promote your or others posts and other cool features not on Publish0x

Growing fast! Over 11k users


Pays in BCH (This is only my opinion and I know I can simply exchange it) Also no, Craig Wright has nothing to do with read.cash

The UI. I become accustomed to Publish0x and think it just has a slicker look and feel. However it still seems a little unfinished/rough even when not compared to Publish0x

The post/blog creation. While creating content/blogs/articles was easy and I had most of the tools I wanted. I've been spoiled here at Publish0x and comparing them shows what read.cash lacks.

Funding? This isn't necessarily a negative yet.  The site is funded now. However where will future funding come from? ADs? Tips from other users?


That all being said If you are a content creator or just enjoy reading user created content I highly recommend checking the site out. It's another tool in our tool belt and it pays! Just click HERE to get started.


I have other methods I go over on how to earn Crypto at no cost right here on Publish0x and additionally you can view my videos on these video platforms.

Poorboycrypto YouTube     Poorboycrypto Bittube      Poorboycrypto LBRY

Until Next time, Get claiming!


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Earning Crypto with no cost.

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