Crypto Cards: Another Phoneum App that you can earn with!

So I believe the count is up to 9 apps that you can earn the Cryptocurrency Phoneum on. Previously I made a video about the older ones. We wont be reviewing those today. However if you want to catch up. I made a video about it a few months ago. Check it out here on Odysee or here on YouTube.

Today we are going to focus on the most recent addition. Crypto cards. I actually made a video about this too! Check it out! Don't forget to subscribe!

So what exactly is Crypto cards?  How does it work and how can you earn Phoneum from using it? 

First lets talk about Phoneum(PHT) a little bit, Phoneum(PHT) is a TRC10 token that works on the Tron block chain. Up until recently it was a ERC20 token on the Ethereum blockchain. If you have not migrated your ERC20 token yet you can find out how here. I'd also like to state that although you can indeed earn Phoneum tokens from playing this app and the others likes it. It's unlikely you will get rich or be able to quit your job. It's just for a little fun and I think things like this are great avenues to bring people into the world of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency.


Super easy to set up and get started. It's fairly intuitive so if ya feel like skipping the instructions use my referral code and get started here or from Google Play here.

Crypto Cards is an app/game that has several features and you can earn Phoneum(PHT) from most of them You can also earn cards. Each of these cards have different scarcity and different value and can be traded/swapped and some can even be sold in the in game market. We will get back to that in a moment tho. Lets talk about the various ways you can earn cards and Phoneum(PHT).


-Wheel: Simple, spin a wheel and win a prize. This can be Phoneum(PHT), cards and other prizes. (1 time every 24 hrs)

-Tap the Card: A simple game where the card moves to 9 spots on your screen and you tap it. You are rewarded for each successful tap. (1 time every 24 hours)

- Invite: A referral reward system that rewards you for inviting others and as they progress in the game you earn more. 

-Videos: Watch videos and earn a rare care. (3 times every 34 hours)

- Missions: As you progress you complete various tasks in the game and are rewarded various prizes.

-Request: You may request 1 common card every 24 hours. This takes 24 hours to deliver and once delivered you may immediately request another card. (1 time every 24 hours)

-Booster: You may open this pack and receive 3 random cards. (1 time per 24 hours)

-Book: When you collect cards you can see them by opening up the book. If you click on a common card you get the option to trade the card or swap it. Trade is a player to player transaction that cost 20 Phoneum(PHT). Swapping destroys the card and in return you are given 10 Phoneum(PHT). When you get a rare card or better you can actually sell it in a in game marketplace.

-Earn PHT: Preform various task and gain additional rewards.

That essentially covers all the ways you can earn Phoneum(PHT) from this app. Of coarse there are your typical things you'd expect in a game like profile, leader board, balance and a few other things you can navigate on your own. However there is one more thing of interest i'd like to talk about.

What the heck do you do with these cards? Well if you click on the Battle Stage button a message stating "Card battle stage coming soon". This seems exciting and it's probably what has driven the price of Phoneum(PHT) up since it started. I did a little (Not a lot) of research and was not able to find more details about this so if you know please inform us in the comments section below.


For now I'm going to hoard my earned cards and Phoneum(PHT) and wait until the next update. What you do with yours is your call. Maybe we can battle in the near future!


I have other methods I go over on how to earn Crypto at no cost right here on Publish0x and additionally you can view my videos on these video platforms.

Poorboycrypto YouTube     Poorboycrypto Bittube      Poorboycrypto LBRY

Until Next time, Get claiming!



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Earning Crypto with no cost.
Earning Crypto with no cost.

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