Best Games for 2021 to get Free Crypto. [EarnCryptoOnline]

Best Games for 2021 to get Free Crypto. [EarnCryptoOnline]

By Jur420 | EarnCryptoOnline | 16 Jan 2021

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In this post Ill guide you to way's to earn crypto with games. There are many different types of earning games, from gamified faucets to full on games with its own currency, dapps or any other form of game you can earn crypto's with. Overall compared to faucets, ptc sites and other free earning way's games aren't the highest paying. But the fact you can fill up some boring time with a game and earn on the side is for me always welcome, but be sure to keep an eye on these kind of projects as I think it will be the future of gaming. 

So here I represent you the best games I found so far to earn some crypto with.

Gamified Faucets



Rollercoin is a webbrowser game that simulates mining. You can simply play minigames here which will earn you hashrate which will mine crypto for you. As you mine crypto you can use it to buy gear to increase your simulated mining and earn more. They offer payments in btc, eth, doge and their own rollercoin token. This site isnt that high earning but it is also not very intrusive with ads. If your bored simply play a minigame and without needing to do anything else it passively mines some crypto over time.




This is yet another browser game that simulates mining. Compared to rollercoin this is much more like a faucet, and sometimes is completely filled with ads. They support earning in btc, doge, ltc, dash, eth and bch. If you keep playing and keep leveling up the rewards increase and might just be worth it if you can enjoy the game.


Earning games



Upland a fairly new game, where you can own virtual properties around the digitalised world. Collect tokens and buy properties. Currently they have their own in-game token where you can buy properties with but they plan to make it possible to buy and sell with crypto's. So this is a great time to join and build up some in-game coin before it requires a investment to play.




Cryptopick is a very fun way to keep yourself busy with the crypto market. They have 2 games up/down and moon/doom. With up/down you need to try and guess if a crypto goes up or down. There are 3 different time frames for this game per hour, day and week. To participate you spend their own webbased tokens pickies, if you were correct you earn more pickies if you were wrong you loose your pickies. With moon/doom its somewhat the same concept only you guess which coin will go down and up the most.

Besides that there are tournaments where you can earn ethereum. It costs some pickies to buy yourself into a tournament. There are tournaments for each different time frame of predictions, and will pick a winner based on the best guessers of the time frame the tournament is running.

The pickies you earn can also spend on their own nft's which you can buy in their web store. These nft's can be used to spice up your ingame avatar, personally I'm no big fan of these nft's but maybe in the future they could be valued as they do sometimes release unique ones. The think I like from this site is that it keeps you busy with the crypto market which is always good for anyone into crypto to just keep up with the prices and such.



Dapps if you don't know by now are Decentralized Applications. These applications run on blockchain technology and  are integrated with crypto's. There are many different types of Dapps but in this post Ill solely focus on games which have an option to earn some crypto.

Dapp platforms

There are many different cryptocurrencies that specialize in creating dapp platforms, the main ones are Ethereum, EOS and TRON. To interact with dapps on the blockchain you will need a wallet to interact with the smart contracts dapps are build on. These wallets come in a form of browser plugin. Bellow I've put links to the most used wallets to interact with dapps per coin. There are many different dapp platforms I haven't explored myself yet so maybe in the future Ill cover those.

Ethereum: Metamask         EOS: Womplay               Tron: Tronlink

Honestly there arent that many great dapps to earn at the moment as most require fairly high investment, Ill list a few but wont get to deep into how it works. Ill leave a dappreviw page here as well so you can explore for yourself.

Blockchain cuties
Collection and breeding game with ingame item market. Runs on Ethereum and Tron network

A monster battle game, collect cards create teams and battle. Runs on the Tron and EOS network

Collect and breed, and battle with your axies. Runs on the Ethereum network

Explore more dapps on Dappreview



Womplay on its own also serves as platform you can earn on, as well as it functions as a EOS wallet. If you use womplay wallet and play dapps it recommends you will earn wombucks. You can use your wombucks to put in the weekly rewards pool and based of how many wombucks you own you get a % from the rewards pool, this is calculated upon the total wombucks pool of players on womplay. So you could choose to stack up for a while and choose a certain week to increase your reward from the pool. And besides that you can earn EOS from some games itself as well.

Womplay has many different games you can play to earn, in the future I plan to write a full guide how to earn the most of womplay as well as a more in depth guide how it works.


Enjin games


Enjin is a token based on the ethereum blockchain, and focuses fully on gaming.

Honesly so far I only played 1 enjin game, there are many more which I encourage you to look up for yourself as I can write something about them but am not too knowledgeable about them. But am likely to post more about this in the future.

Lost relics


Lost relics is a early acces basic diablo clone based on the blockchain. Its a topdown hack and slash rpg with the goal to collect loot to make your character stronger or to trade. It has very basic gameplay, you simply enter dungeons and find the end while killing all monsters and collecting loot scattered through the level. All the loot is bound to the blockchain and has limited amounts and can be traded on the enjin market. The game itself can be quite a grind but could be very much worth it as some items in this game already sell for 9,999+ ENJ which is about $1,787.57, and this while it is in early acces. I have grinded my fair share of items and am currently waiting for updates and hoping the price will increase overtime.


For more articles like this or others on crypto earning follow me, Tips appreciated and I wish you a blessed day in Crypto.

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Take note I'm no a financial advisor and you yourself are countable for every financial action you take.


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