Earn Zcash (ZEC)

By petruboom | CryptoFree | 1 Sep 2020

 🚀 Today I present this project which distributes ZEC (Zcash) and PIVX.

 Every day you can enter and withdraw these cryptocurrencies. The beauty of this project is that each time the prize is redeemed, the coins are sent directly to your wallets.

 I mainly use TrustWallet or Binance as a wallet for the Zcash deposit, due to the fact that the transactions are instant and without high commissions.
While for the PIVX deposit I use Binance.

Also if you want to withdraw more of these cryptocurrencies, on the site you will find how to get bonuses x1.5 x2 etc. by connecting your social networks.

For 5 days you log in, you get more bonuses‼ ️

Procedure for withdrawal
• enter from the link that I leave you
• proceed with registration
• paste or our Zcash💲 and PIVX💸 wallets
• Collect

 Link for earn Zcash: https://bit.ly/3gSzOU8

Link for Trust Wallet: https://bit.ly/3fuvAk6

Link for Binance: https://bit.ly/3hNaaAB 

P.S Who has the possibility to invite people do not hesitate to register .... Youwill be satisfied with the gains that can only be made by redeeming once a day. Requires10 seconds per day. 


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