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By Harry in Crypto | Earn with Crypto | 14 Feb 2020

Hey guys,

today I want to talk about a very interesting service. FreeBitcoin is a bitcoin faucet where you can earn free bitcoins simply by resolving a CAPTCHA. I know, you are thinking 'where is the scam?'. No scams, just listen. is not a new website, it was founded in 2013 and is online since then, always working fine. I've personally used it for 2 years now and I never had any issues.


How does it work?

Once you have signed up with email and password, you can start using the platform. Once per hour you can click the button 'ROLL' in the home page, and the system will generate a random number from 0 to 10000 that will give you some satoshi (fractions of bitcoin). The amount won changes based on the current price of BTC and the number that you get. In this picture you can see the current prizes for every number at the current price.

If you don't want to insert captcha every time, but just click on 'roll', I recommend to use Chrome with AdBlock.



How can this be real?

It's simple, this 'roll game' is not the only feature of the website. While they give some satoshi every hour to every player, they earn back a lot more with all the other (optional) features that you can use to try to increase your incomes. Let's see together what are these optional features:





Multiply BTC

Once you have some satoshi gained with free rolls, you can try to multiply them with a classic 'roll the dice' game (if you guys don't know how these dice games work and you want to know more, just let me know in the comments, I'll make a dedicated article). Many people choose to deposit their own btc to play this game and try to multiply them, and this is one of the ways in which the website has big gains at the end of the day.






Every time you do a free roll, in addition to free satoshi you also earn 2 lottery tickets. Every week there is a lottery draw, and how you can see prizes are really really great: at the moment the 1st prize is 0.23 BTC, but prizes keep growing in real time until the end of the week (the more users play games, the bigger prizes become; personally I've never seen a 1st prize being less than 0.2 BTC). You can also choose to buy additional tickets, either using satoshi from the free roll or using your own btc. Of course the more tickets you get, the more chances you have to win a lottery prize. But this is not always true, it happens pretty often to win a prize just with few tickets, also with just the tickets you get with free rolls. I personally saw people who won the 1st prize with 60 tickets, against people that had 30+ million tickets (it's all a matter of luck).





Golden ticket

This one is as good as tough to win.

The Golden Ticket Contest runs for 6 months, twice per year. After the contest ends, a provably fair lottery drawing will be conducted to pick the winner. 

At this round, the lucky winner will receive at home a Lamborghini Huracan LP 580-2 (the famous 'lambo' that everybody in the crypto world seeks). The winner can also opt to receive $ 200,000 in lieu of the car, paid in BTC.

You will receive a golden ticket every time you wager or bet 500,000 satoshi, otherwise you can also buy tickets for 0.00025 BTC/ticket.


351665157-48d6e8016169a35e5ad3c1f5ea8ee3db6043df82eb5f7ea5a91836152839b1d8.png   351665157-8393583cf0e418a0c711538b02c9130c46e3f5250545cb4e16e2f20fa6b2a3b2.png



Personally I've never used this feature so far, but if you want to try to hit the big jackpot why not!

Are you starting to understand how they can afford to give away free satoshi every hour?



A recently added feature where you can bet on sports events, Bitcoin Price predictions or even political events (who will be the next US president?).

To participate, you can bet whatever amount you want on whatever outcome, which has its own odds of course, and wait to see if you were right. A nice feature in FreeBitcoin bets is the Time Weight Multiplier: the quicker you make your bet, the higher share of the prize pool you can win.


351665157-42d1af4953b59f8c70d0e292f82bb7777c0d001ed246ffbd8c3ae64e3fa7195b.png        351665157-bc64e349158599e9c4311bf951ea1569e8371e685e74acf5edf7ba5964946ed5.png




Every month there's a wagering and a referral contest with $ 32,500 in total prizes.

  • To win the wagering contest you must place yourself in the top 10 users by wagering volumes that month.
  • To win the referral contest you must rank in the top 10 users by combined wagering volume of your referrals for the month.

In this page you can see the current rank and the previous winners, as you can see prizes are very good.


351665157-43b3a9f3a3a28575aac4a00dd78f061c65a0af8babaabf810bf56d757e059f00.png   351665157-88002876510aaf68d835aa5e79ee30e17e0b5ccd83469d502dd905e82b62bd6f.png



Earn BTC

You will automatically receive compounded daily interest (yes, compounded!) on any balance that you hold in your FreeBitcoin account, no matter if you deposited those bitcoins or you won them. All you need to do is maintaining a balance of at least 30,000 satoshi on your account, and you will see your balance growing everyday. The APR is 4.08%, wich I think is pretty good.






If you refer new users to their website, they will know how to reward you, you can be sure!

For every activity that your referrals do on the website, you will earn commissions:

  • Free btc: 50% of base prize
  • Mutiply BTC/Betting: 0.40% of every wager/bet
  • Earn BTC: 25% of daily interest 




Oh I forgot to mention the last feature!

Every time you play free roll, you also receive 10 reward points. You will earn additional reward points from your referrals as well. What do you need these reward points for?

Well it's simple, once you earned enough points, you can trade them to receive many different prizes. Prizes can be smartphones (also the top ones), hardware wallets, amazon gifts, or you can use them to buy more lottery tickets or to increase the amount of BTC that you get with free rolls.


351665157-4b4000bb9448507b2ce25d5ce6954fa81782af63aa50cd421fa1b2cc12379f16.png     351665157-37cb4ab4309852ee4b7f0306624c435f279d5fe5a9a43139f9c180fd64120c24.png     351665157-c8bfc70ee72625be063422307dde6f6f20281d376161dacad604c0ea37622bb2.png     351665157-cbe8e50da42f68bf7d5d3056ba131d32a9c75633265502fec99103eaf7949881.png


Deposit and withdraw

You can deposit any amount at any time on the platform.

If you want to withdraw your earnings, all you need to have is a valid btc address. The minimum amount to withdraw is 0.0003 BTC.


So as you can see, there are a lot of interesting features, no wonder this site is one of the oldest in crypto world, they know how to do business. I personally use it since 2 years now and I will keep using it. Of course you will not become rich tomorrow using this site (well, unless you win the golden ticket!), but patience is the key here: open it every time you are on the pc, make the free roll every hour and use all the other features too, if you want.

Just think about this scenario:

we are probably at the beginning of a new massive bullrun. In a year or two, whatever amount you will have been earned using FreeBitcoin, how much do you think it will be worth by then? Try to figure it out, and maybe place a bet on it ;) .


See you next time guys!


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