Ultimate Beginner's Guide For Hive | Signing Up And Essentials | Post 1/3

Hello everyone, I hope you all are doing well. In my last post which was also my first post on hive, I've mentioned that I'll be bringing a beginner guide for hive.  As we all know hive is not just a single platform but a whole sort of a decentralized ecosystem built on hive blockchain. And it needs a proper introductory guide or manual to get started on it. Although this post is about hive I'll not be covering the whole "Why you should join hive" because most of you already know why. This post mainly focuses on blogging and the basic essentials of hive with the whole signing up process. I'll try to keep it short, simple, and direct as much as possible.  So, let's get started.


Hive is a decentralized ecosystem built on hive blockchain which hosts various DApps among other functionalities. Take the example of Apple, it hosts a variety of products, all synced to each other and built on iOS providing you best security. Well, not exactly the same but hive is pretty much like that and much more than that. The major reason why hive is unorthodox is privacy and security. Now, it's not like this is the only blockchain with these attributes but probably you have not encountered these functionalities in this way.


Now we are getting in the real sh*t. Click on this link to join hive and start your journey. On clicking, you'll be taken to a page where you can see my transactions on hive blockchain. Click on create account on the top right corner. You'll be taken to a registration page that has 9 registration options.


You can choose anyone but write now I'm picking HiveOnboard for this tutorial and because it's free. When you click on it you'll be taken to a page where you'll be warned to Use Hive Keychain Browser Extension. I would recommend doing this as this will make your life easy. Download the extension and add it to your browser. Reload the page and proceed to choose a username. You can also add a referrer just above the username block and you can enter my username i.e, cryptovial in this field. Click continue.

Now, this is important so be attentive. You can see your username, password, and four different keys.  Don't worry just remember your username for now and choose DOWNLOAD BACKUP. After downloading the backup file do check if contains the same username, password, and all other keys, just match it all up. You can see more about keys in the downloaded file but later. Now go down on page choose check box and hit create hive account and you'll be asked to verify your number., then you'll be taken to a new page with various dapps. Leave the tab as it is and open a new tab.

Hive Keychain Browser Extension: It is a very essential tool, consider it as your virtual manager, it'll sync all your dapps rewards and will make your signing process for each dapp very easy and much more. 

Click on hive keychain extension which residing near your search bar may be embedded in a puzzle icon there.. On clicking an extension window will pop up where you can see the password and confirm password field. This password will be your regular or goto password which you need to remember. Enter both the fields then you'll be taken to a Setup pop up. You can see three options, choose the USE KEYS/PWD option. It'll ask you for your username and private key.


Remember that backup file you downloaded earlier, open it, and copy the posting key. Be attentive only copy the posting key, don't copy any other key as they can grant more than required privileges. After copying go to the keychain extension and enter your username and posting key. Boom!

You can see an extension window just like the below one and this means that you are now successfully created your account on hive blockchain. Yes, it means that you still have to register on every dapp which you would like to use. But don't worry now with your keychain extension this will be done in a jiffy.


Now, remember that tab which you left open, get back to it, and now choose a dapp. We are going with Hive Blog. Click on it and you'll be directed to hive blog home page. To register click on Login. You'll see a pop-up like below in which you have to put your username( the one which you created on hive blockchain), make sure both the checkboxes are marked. Hit Login.


An extension window will arise and you can see a password field. Basically, your keychain extension is asking to give access to Enter the password which you created earlier while registering on the keychain. Now, another extension window will arise and you can see it is asking for permission to use your posting keys to send a message on hive blockchain which will configure your hive. blog account with your keychain. Make sure you mark all the checkboxes in the process for easy handling in the future. After giving permission you'll be logged in and you can see a kind of default page. Well now, set up your profile and look around on the platform and try to explore. But to explore you'll need resources, which is the next point of discussion.


So now, you have created a hive blockchain account, hive blog account and linked them with keychain. Looks pretty much enough to start but not exactly. Except reading some content anything else like posting, upvoting, commenting and more will require resource credits. WHY?  


Because these are transactions on hive blockchain. Yes, everything from posting to upvoting these all are small transactions on a blockchain and they require a kind of transaction fee that will be taken out from your resources. You can see your resources by clicking on keychain.  Initially, resource credits should be 100% alongside voting mana which is also 100% and you can also see HIVE, HBD, HP, and Estimated Account Value. Don't get confused with these terms, just leave them now and focus on resource credits. Try reading articles of your interest and exploring communities. Start upvoting and commenting.  Only add valuable comments and upvote articles if you like them cause this all will burn your resource credits. 

I'll suggest not to post immediately but it's your call, wait for 1-2 days before posting. As everything burns your resource credits you'll need more of it. Don't worry it'll get recharged every 5 days which is quite a long time. But don't worry you can get a small number of resource credits every hour from this faucet. It'll also gift you some HP but leave it for now.


PS:  Print multiple copies of the backup file and store them at safe and different places as this file is really important.

I know there's a lot that is still left and I'll be bringing two more posts to explain keys, resource credits other terms such as HP, HBD, HIVE, your rewards, and much more. Although I have done my research you should do your own. The other two posts will be dropped in the coming week. I can't exactly give dates but stick to this place for updates of upcoming posts or simply follow me.

For now, you can explore the platform and learn how to contribute to this community.


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