Sirwin is Totally SCAM !!

By Diana tran | Earn money now | 1 Jan 2021

when you see this site recomendation, please dont ever try to think to join with them, cause it totally SCAM !!,,. is a website that would pay us lots of money by doing simple task. like inviting people, doing surveys, and some of another simple tasks. and this site claims that they would pay you higher than another similar website, you can earn even more than in your real life job. really really promissing and best way to get cash easly, isn't it ?? lmao.... is scam

As you see to their first view, they claim that this site paid $44,700,000+ to their members already. and also would pay you $5 for every person you invite to their platform. you can imagine if you invite 10-20 of people by using your referral then you get $50-$100 cash easly....and the minimum balance to withdraw is $100 so if you just inviting 18 people then you can asking for payment, but why only 18 people?? don't we need at least 20 people to get the minimum balance ($100) to withdraw ?? yes, it's true.. but also give you $10 bonus when you register to their platform, so you just need to inviting 18 people to reach the minimum balance to withdraw...


this site really get attention of many people, we don't need to argue with,, high payout by only doing simple task is what everbody need to. but sadly it is too good to be true......yes,, is really a scam site. so guys, we don't need to wasting our time to this site. don't ever believe to some of people testimonials videos about that they really get payment from this site. cause it also scam, you can easly find out some of website that paid people for a short of reaction video even they have no idea what they talking about..


but guys please be aware to the similar site. cause it's another website and has not to do with, I found a lot of misdirected reviews cause people dunno the difference the both site. and i feel sorry for cause they have to deal with many of bad reviews to their platform.

even i dunno exactly what kind of is.., and how it works. but i am really sure that this site pretty good of their service due to many of good reviews from their members.
ok guys thats all about, please ignore this site and dont ever try to join with them cause just wasting time.., and dont forget to differentiate between and cause it tottally different. if you still wondering about how scam this is.., you can check the video bellow..


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Diana tran
Diana tran

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