Updates about my income from faucets and new reinvestments

By ionutzu97 | My investment portfolio | 11 Jun 2020

So, i monitorized my income from claiming 8 days in row from stakecube,and by claiming the coins that are available to claim i had the following incomes:



This is calculated by the value of the coins and btc on the 12 June 2020. 

  • On 17 May i invested 9 SCC on StakeCube to buy hashpower for miner,wich bring me daily btc around 25-27 satoshies per day,since then i got 0.00000558 btc,the value that i got daily is based on the btc price,so if the btc price goes down,you earn more satoshies.
  • On 18 May, i deposited 3.892 LNO to my StackOfStake wallet. I bought the LNO from Crex24 trade.
  • On 5 June, i withdraw from Faucetcrypto 2.8 Pirate and deposited on my StackOfStake wallet. 
  • And i spend 5$ on Payeer to buy 0.06 DASH  to deposit on StakeCube
  • I bought on 6 June 0.07 LTC from Payeer that was worth 3.5$ at that time.
  • Meanwhile, on 8 June i deposited 0.049 LTC on StakeCube , from my Payeer account (wich i recomand,especially if you are a begginer with transactions and crypto,because it is really easy to do them and to deposit,even just 1 $ )
  • And the rest of 0.0145 LTC (fees aplicated on payeer) i deposited to my CredEarn wich you can find on Uphold if you are using Brave Browser. I depoisted there my 5.65 BAT tokens that i got by using BraveBrowser. 
  • And on 6 June i downloaded an aplication called Celsius Network , that is a portfolio for crypto and fiat. When you download it,you get 1 CEL token,that is worth 0.25$ . After some days i got my first divident there, wich was 0.0003 CEL . 


So for the rest of this month i wanna see the income that i will get with my crypto portfolio on StakeCube,StackOfStake,CredEarn and Celsius. 

Thank you fro your time,a like will encourage me to continue to post this,because there are many begginers that wanna now how to get free fractions of btc and more and how to turn it on passive income. 

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My investment portfolio
My investment portfolio

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