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Earn Cryptos without any investment: tested faucets to get coins

With cryptos to theirs highs everybody wants to get a piece of the cake. Bitcoin is now over $30k but just few years ago you could have gotten about 5 BTC absolutely for free through their faucet.

Free Bitcoin Faucet - 5 BTC

Nowaday crypto faucets are still a way to earn cryptos and altcoins, nothing is more rewarding than something you can get for free! Unfortunately many websites are a waste of time cause you have to go through tons of ads, popunders, captchas and so on just to claim some satoshis and others instead in the end don't pay.

Here I'm sharing a list of the best faucets I have personally tried. Using some of these I already got some payout so I can say they are legit. With these you can earn some cryptos without too much effort.

Updated: 2021-01-28

Popular coins

Tron (TRX)

Automatically claim 15000 Tron satoshi every 65 seconds. To start the autofaucet you just have to fill 2 captchas and it will automatically run for 40 cicles. Payment is made to Faucetpay or ExpressCrypto every 45000 satoshi (3 cicles). So by entering 2 captchas you will fill your account with 450000 satoshis.

DogeCoin (DOGE)

Rumors says that behind this coin there is Elon Musk (Tesla creator), will it help to increse it price?

Automatically claim 120000 satoshi every 70 seconds. After entering 2 captchas it will run for 40 cicles with payment to Faucetpay or ExpressCrypto every 360000 satoshi (3 cicles).

Automatically claim 60000 satoshi every 120 seconds. Enter 2 captcha and let it run auto, to Faucetpay or ExpressCrypto every 3 reloads.

You can earn 0.03 DOGE in your FaucetPay account every minute by solving a simple image captcha. Additionally after first claim you will see two buttons to start two autofaucets giving 0.00008333 and 0.00014999 DOGE every 5 seconds.

If you are on Telegram there is a Dogecoin Bot at where you can request DOGE by visiting links. Each link will give you variable amount of DOGE between 0.1 and 0.01, minimum withdrawal is only 2 DOGE. Payment received on blockchain and confirmed.

Dash (DASH)

Claim 120000 satoshi every 70 seconds. Payment to Faucetpay or ExpressCrypto is made every 3 reloads.

Digibyte (DGB)

Auto-claim 3000 satoshi every 63 seconds with payment to Faucetpay or ExpressCrypto every 3 reloads. It will run automatically for 40 cicles so you will earn 120000 satoshi with no effort.


These coins might be unknown to some newbies but are rising in popularity in recent years. Some could grow a lot soon and become popular so better to grab and HODL those... in some years you might find to have the new Bitcoin in your wallet!

Personally I prefer to have some cryptos which are not yet too popular or inflated so you can have better earnings at a later stage. Keeping cryptos is a matter of patience!

Zencash (ZEN)

Faucet with base rate is 0.00002278 ZEN but you can easily increase it by linking your social networks (up to 1.9x) in the user area and by using Brave browser (20% bonus). Additionally you get increasing reward if you claim every day. By linking social media accounts and by using with Brave I went up to 0.00023448 per claim (yes 10x base rate!). You can claim once every 20h.

Zencash faucet payment proof

Zcash (Z)

This crypto has recently been endorsed by Winklevoss brothers (those guys who did Facebook with Zuckerberg). At by registering you start with a low base rate but you can link your social media accounts to get up to 2X bonus and if you use Brave you will get an additional 10X. There is also an increasing daily reward if you login an claim daily (up to 2X). I went up to 0.00008850 Z per claim by linking socials and with Brave browser. Claim is every 24h.

Zcash faucet payment proof

Karbo (KRB)

This faucet will give avg. 0.015 Karbo, which is a fully anonymous crypto currency, each hour.

Bitcoin Black (BNB)

A new coin forked by popular Bitcoin, get now your free coin with an estimated value of $36:


Here some websites you can use to earn multiple coins at once or pick your favourite. An easy way to collect some cryptos that might get popular as Bitcoin and Ethereum did.

Nice and interesting site that let you earn coin that can be converted in cryptos. You can choose between 20 different cryptocurrencies among Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Doge, Litecoin, Zen etc.. The most interesting feature is that there are no captchas, absolutely no code to type!!! You can earn coins every 30 minutes or doing some tasks like shortlinks and click ads. A soon as you do task a you get a better experience level andget higher coin value. is defintely to try out... in a couple of days I reached minimimum payout (500 monete) and after 3 days I request my first withdrawal which came right to my blockchain account.

No captcha faucet payment proof has an interesting concept, you will need to do some simple tasks (view ads, solve captchas, visit shortlinks, ...) in order to gain points that will work as fuel for the autofaucet to run. By doing this tasks you will earn experience point and at each level you achieve you will be able to claim an additional coin up to 48 (!!). That mean that highest experience level you will claim 48 different cryptos (including popular Bitcoin and Ethereum) at once. With little effort you will scale up one level per day, even two if you dedicate a bit of time. Additionally they have a dice roll to get additional "fuel" for autofaucet and dice to get additional cryptos (each month a different coin choosen by community, currently Bitcoin). I already tested withdrawal of a couple of coins both directly to blockchain and to Coinbase and everything went smoothly. They pay also to ExpressCrpyto.

Autofaucet proof f payment

A classic number roll website is where you can choose the crypto to get every hour. There are probably 200 coins to choose from and rates depends on current currency price, for example:
Bitcoin payout 0.00000007 BTC up to 0.00950576 BTC
Tron payout 0.07996402 TRX up to 10205.66059414 TRX
Elrond payout 0.00008213 EGLD up to 10.48174081 EGLD (about $260 at current rate...)

At you can claim Bitcoin every 5 minutes and IOTA every hour. For each day you use this faucet you will get a 1% bonus.


I really hope you got some useful tips from this article to start collecting some cryptos. I will try to keep article updated with new websites I might find.

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Earn Cryptos Free without investment
Earn Cryptos Free without investment

Sharing some ways I tested to earn free cryptos without any investment and little effort.

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