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By popam22 | Earn Crypto Coins | 12 Mar 2022

Hello guys, today i will be talking you about a great website where you can make free crypto just by stacking their token BFG.


You can buy BFG token via Biswap and transfer it to your betfury account.


Based on everyday pot games from the casino an amount arround 70-85.000$ is gathered daily and this amount is delivered to the users that stack the BFG token on the betfury account.


There is no limit, you can get whatever sum if you just hold your BFG tokens on their website.


You will be rewarded with an amount of BTC, ETH, BNB, TRX and USDT.


The best part is that you can withdraw them easily, minimum amount required and with little fees - i leave you bellow the cheapest ways of cashing out:

BTC - use BEP20 - you need a minimum of 224 satoshi and the withdrawal fee is just 112 satoshi 

BNB - use BEP20 - you need a minimum of 0.005 BNB and the withdrawal fee is just 0.001 BNB

ETH - use BEP20 - you need a minimum of 0.0005 ETH and the withdrawal fee is just 0.0001 ETH

TRX - use TRX - you need a minimum of 5 TRX and the withdrawal fee is just 1 TRX

USDT - use POLYGON - you need a minimum 0.1 USDT  and the withdrawal fee is just 0.05 USDT


Furthermore you can get BFG, BTC and BNB every 20 minutes by completing a captcha - you can earn in 24 hours up to 9 BFG, 89 BTC satoshi and 0.000099 BNB. 


These days there is a contest involving FunFury token (no cashing out) wheel...where you can earn funfury tokens or other crypto tokens. 


You can withdraw at any time your BFG tokens. 

Bellow you can see the amount you can win when holding 1.000.000 BFG



If interested in making an account please use my refferal - 

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