Free Ethereum? Is it Legit?

By Bitcable News | Earn cash online | 7 Feb 2021

Last week, I came across a website that said I could earn free crypto. Obviously I gave it a try, this is what I thought:

I signed up on a site called and completed a number of surveys. Each one gave me approximately 800 coins, which was worth about $0.80 of crypto. After about an hour, I had about 7,000 coins ($7) I cashed out to my Coinbase wallet and a few hours later received $7 in Ethereum

I thought it was quite good and continued until I ran out of surveys. I check back daily and make a few dollars a day for doing roughly an hour of surveys. I think this is quite a good site, as you can also get paid for downloading apps and Chrome extensions. 

If you are thinking about giving this a go, once you have signed up, you can receive a free bonus by entering the code EarnMax

Let me know in the comments what you think.

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Earn cash online
Earn cash online

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