#UplandPublish0x 1000$ in Ethereum contest

Wow 1000$ in Eth + ingame prizes i absolutely had to get my hands on this...



My first contact with Upland was  trought the Womplay app, and at first my goal was just to earn a few Wombucks to exchange for EOS later on the weekly contest...


But as i went more into the game, i recognised imediatly the inovation and the potential it had to be a game changer.


And guess what, i was having fun, AND, earning crypto on two diferent places at the same time.


Wheather you desperately want more UPX (Upland's in game currency) or just wondering what this is all about, go check it out.

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Comunidade Portuguesa de Jogos Blockchain que surgiu no Telegram em 2021, onde se discutem dicas, experiências, nesta nova tendência do gaming atual e futuro.

Earn by playing, and other ways
Earn by playing, and other ways

News and updates about some ways i earn crypto, like playing games on mobile and pc

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