Bear Market Got You Down? Almost 95% of Americans Lean On Flexible Earnings

By davidgyoung | Earn Bitcoin | 29 Jun 2022

A recent study from Insuranks pointed out that 93% of working Americans have a side hustle.  Something to consider when constantly hearing about Bitcoin and crypto dying during this brutal and draining bear market.  No doubt about it, crypto is currently down in the dumps in terms of sentiment, perception, price action, etc.

However, take a step back and consider the basic human condition.  People want and need to earn. 

crypto side hustle


As depicted above, based on this survey of about 1,000 working Americans equally spread between men and women, it's clear that Americans want and need to earn.  They also do so in a flexible way that relies on technology and the internet.  Common solutions of course include things like Uber and Etsy. 

This plays right into the hands of crypto and in particular DeFi and GameFi.  As we have emphatically stated consistently, we don't see every crypto surviving especially the copycat cult chains.  However, the premise of crypto and having the flexibility to earn and learn and play is not going away for sure.  It makes sense and is needed.

Taking online surveys (something you can do now to earn Bitcoin taking surveys), freelance, and working online standout here.  Ask yourself if there will be a need for more or less crypto wallets in the future or if you think people will want more or less financial flexibility moving forward?  Crypto is just getting started. 

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