Youngest Bitcoin Millionaire By Shadda Stories (Story No.001)

Youngest Bitcoin Millionaire By Shadda Stories (Story No.001)

Hello Dear Friends ...
We all are interested in reading stories of success and failure of our own field. These stories have much knowledge and keep us motivated in difficult times..
Today I'm going to share story of yougest bitcoin millionaire . This story motivates us to keep working in bitcoin field. This teach us lesson of persistent to be successful in every field of life...
I will told you that motivational story to the point so we get main idea of stort. So let's start....

Who is Erik Finman?
Erik Finman is youngest bitcoin millionare in the world. He belongs to America. He left his high school at the age of 12 and started investing in bitcoin when price of one bitcoin was 12$ in may, 2011.
Then he started investing in bitcoin and started making profit. And he became millionare before the age of 18.

He said in his tweet"Cryptocurrency represents the largest transfer of wealth our generation has ever seen. Never before have young people been able to change economic classes so quickly. This is bigger than Bitcoin"
How Idea Came To His Mind?.
Actually, there is interesting story behind his investment. His grandmother gave him 1000$ and gave him a task to change them into 1$ million .He started investing in bitcoin ,ether and etherium native token. He became successful in his task and he became millionaire before the age of 18.
Finman Plans to Launch a Startup:
Erik followed a very unique path.
According to his mother" Erik take a very unique path that suited him and he turned out better for it..its so important that everyone finds right important educational system that matches his learning style. For some that matches traditional school or college .For others it's not"
Now His Worth In Bitcoin:
Now he owns 401 bitcoin and he made profit of 100,000$ by 1st sale of bitcoin in 2019. Using this profit he opened up a company and later he sale it for 300 bitcoin.

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At end I would like to thanks for reading and i request you to give your opinion about this story in comment section...Please iqnore mistakes...
Best Regards,
Muhammad Arshad Shadda


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