Cryptocurrency In Major News Outlets

So I did a quick search on some of the bigger US news media outlets just to see if cryptocurrency was mentioned because of Facebook. Turns out it was everywhere! I was inspired to do this search because I listen to NPR every morning (National Public Radio - basically news radio in the US if you are not aware) and they have a segment called Marketplace (Marketplace Tech Hosted by Molly Wood, "Marketplace Tech" demystifying the digital economy.) Today, the segment was about Facebook's Libra! NPR has a massive audience... this is the biggest thing that I am hoping that Facebook's entry to crypto will do... bring it into the mainstream.


Keep in mind I am only pulling one article from each, most of these sites have multiple articles and videos. Let's take a look at this impact in major news:


NPR (yet another mention): 


NBC News: 

FOX News:

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NY Times: 

Washington Post: 

Wall Street Journal: 

USA Today:



So there you have it! I could have kept going but I think you guys get the idea. Please Note: I didn't look up any sites and not find any info and skip it to move onto the next one. So I guess the moral here is whether you like the idea of Facebook's coin or not... it WILL have an impact. It clearly already is. It is at least getting the idea into people's heads about crypto... Do you think this is a good thing? This is the US only... are you guys seeing this in your countries also?

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