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Today I going to talk about two concept used on Internet that's are related writing and can be very beneficial for blockchain and cryptocurrency lead.

Here as you know I already talk to the point and same I will do in this article and make it short,smart and informative.

Content Creation:

If someone write his own thought on his blog ,website or elsewhere then this called content creation..

As we know that Original content is heart of uptrennd (luke post).

Content Curation:

That's totally anti of content creation if man copy paste other content then he is doing content curation.

We generally say it copy-paste.

Content Creation Vs Content Curation:

1).Content creation increases lead in blockchain and crypto field while on other side content curation enhance relationship.

2).Content Creation increase visibility of brand and project while Content Curation Is used for awareness of any project.

3).Content give trust in market but need to be hard work and make research while content curation is faster and cheaper way of marketing you only need to copy paste with lowering your trust.


In my opinion both type of content has their importance now everyone should choose according to his needs.If he needs lead,visibility to brand or project  and built trust then he should be a content creater.On the other hand if he want to build relationship,awarness about particular thing and want to be fast then he can be content curator.

Some Helpful Post For Content Creation:

Here are link please read them.


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