The Statera Project .. How do you understand it and make it easy for you ?!

By Ahmed Zaki | E-Gains | 9 Aug 2020

Are you stupid ?!
Do not be upset .. I am not talking about you, my friend...
I am talking about myself !!

This is how I blame myself when I find it difficult to understand something .. as if stupidity is related to understanding things .. This is not true...

Because understanding a thing is related to a person's ability to deconstruct it and to realize its nature.
Am I philosophizing? I think so!!
However, this question I asked myself when I thought of writing about the Statera project.
It is a complex project...
But the question now: Is there anything in the world of cryptocurrencies that is not complicated ?!
I have tried more than once to understand the Statera project by dismantling it and realizing its nature.
And I really understood it...
This is a good thing .. it bears a definite answer to my question to myself in the start this article: Are you stupid ?!
But the interesting thing about it is that after I understood the Statera project, I began to ask myself another question: Was this necessary ?!
I mean, was it necessary for me to understand Statera by deconstructing it, realizing its nature, searching for it, and reading more than one article written about it because of this competition organized by Publish0x ?!
Was the goal not enough?
In the sense that the goal of the project is enough for me because I am not a specialist...

Some might agree with me...

And it is natural for some to disagree with me on that.

What really matters to me are these respectable people who agree with me in my view ... but at the same time, they want to know and learn...

To these I say: My friend, the matter is not complicated, as many think .. I was one of them...
First, my friend, you should watch this short video...

This video has everything you care about from the Statera project
Trust me ... it will be simple and easy if you see it like that.
Do not stop in front of the complex scientific definitions and terms that need specialists.
All you have to do is know if this or that project is working for you or not.
I believe that Project Statera works in your favor.

After you watch the video, read the following .. You will find it easy and completely different .. Try yourself:


Statera Ecosystem Overview.

The current ecosystem consists of three pools. In the future more index funds can be added in Uniswap (consisting of 50/50 STA with any other cryptocurrency), on Balancer Pools (adding in Statera Delta with any index fund of multiple cryptocurrencies), and on any other index fund/liquidity pool platform. With Statera Delta, deflation can be safely introduced to any platform. With Statera, deflation can be introduced safely to any platform that has secure code (the main issue being the need for a constant calling of the gulp function, which syncs smart contracts with the blockchain). All of these pools interact to create more volume, arbitrage, efficient markets, and deflation across the system.

Statera Token - $STA.

STA — Hold this token to benefit from the price action of our whole ecosystem.

Uniswap Pool Tokens.

STA Delta Token — an ERC 20 standard token which is 50/50 STA/ETH, this will earn you fees, will be trade-able, and can be used to add to Phoenix Fund. It is like holding an index fund of 50% STA and 50% Ether with a possible yearly yield of 38%-500% (depending on daily volume)

STA Delta Liquidity Token — an ERC 20 standard token which is 25/75 ETH/STA, this will earn you fees, and is a bigger bet on STA. We have no plan to have it be tradeable (but this is all decentralized so this could happen), and it cannot be used to add to Phoenix Fund (though you could add it to another index fund).

Balancer Pool.

Phoenix Fund — a secure deflationary index fund of 40/30/10/10/10 STA Delta/wETH/wBTC/LINK/SNX

Statera Ecosystem.


The Results of the Ecosystem.

Our index funds have outperformed all traditional products and many DeFi products. Our Balancer Liquidity pool was 34th in Liquidity but 6th in Volume, this was thanks to Statera. Our new secure pool is 108th in Liquidity and 44th in Volume. Our volume far outpaces what it should be for our liquidity (because of Statera). Our Uniswap pool has consistently returned over .10% daily interest. Our pools overall have consistently returned 0.10% to 0.50%+ daily interest yield, which holding constant for a year would produce 38% to 600%+ APY (the interest is compounded daily). This is just in fees paid to our holders, this does not include appreciation of the assets in the pool. Our index funds are easily outclassing all traditional finance options and many if not all DeFi options. These gains are tempered by impermanent loss which happens when assets appreciate in liquidity pools, but even a 500% price change will only produce 25% less gains, which would be offset by our APY. With a possible annual yield of more than 38% on the low end our index funds are incredible products. As it stands our index funds are one of, if not the most, profitable places to hold your cryptocurrencies.

do you believe Me Now?
I did this .. and found it easy and worth trying...

Important notice:

I hope that no one understands my words as preventing you from reading and understanding .. and be careful!
You must search ... and read ... and learn ... before you take any step, whether by participating in the Statera project or otherwise ... This is your duty towards yourself because you alone will bear the consequences of your decisions.


Therefore, I invite you to pay attention and do not take a step in the path of money until after you read, think and search carefully so that you do not make wrong decisions that you may regret!

Be fine...






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