Profit from the Internet .. Illusion or reality ?! It is the question!! (Republish & update)

By Ahmed Zaki | E-Gains | 29 Aug 2020

The most pressing question, and perhaps the most widespread one in the past few years: Is profit from the Internet an illusion or fact ?!
But the question we ask here is a little different, and that is: How can you turn the illusion into reality ?!

Ali Baba cave and forty thieves!

Profit from working on the Internet began to attract the attention and passion of many Internet users during the past few years, but the problem is that those who enter this field believe that profit is easy and achieve great wealth in a short time, as they imagine that they are entering the Ali Baba cave that contains treasures, Forty thieves !!

Beginners in this field believe that they will obtain gold, rubies, money, and rare precious stones as soon as they enter the magic cave ... even without saying Ali Baba's famous phrase: Thank you, God!


Need is the primary driver

The first and basic problem is that most of those coming in this field is motivated mainly by material needs...

they often do not work with traditional jobs, and they do not have a steady source of income, not even a variable; Therefore, they easily fall into the traps of fraudulent sites because they are looking for a quick profit, and we can simply say that they are looking for wealth without fatigue or real work !!
Therefore, they do not seek to search and gain skills and tools in the field of profit from working on the Internet, and when they discover the truth, they stop working on the Internet and leave for another field, and they say that profit from the Internet is delusions!699495bbf60a57790a4f22f4740b88a136d124abe7e53d254c93b9a3ceadd8a2.jpeg

Beg online !!

Another team of beginners in this field does not stop working, but turns into electronic beggars and perhaps electronic fraudsters as well!

Many beggars posted posts on Facebook - for example - begging a few cents, and some were asking for a dollar or more ... and these people are not afraid of them even though they offend the whole domain, it's a global phenomenon!

I went through this experience myself when more than one person wrote to me to ask for five dollars to borrow .. Why? To invest the amount and then return it to me after they get the profit !!
Begging is often the beginning of the fraudulent path, because everyone who gets something from you will not return it to you again, and this happened to me personally, as she asked me an Iraqi refugee living in Germany - as she told me - her name (Katya Basrawia), at a speed of $ 2 I imagined she was in A crisis despite the funny amount, so she sent her two dollars to reveal her true face as a beggar girl deceiving her victims with false friendship to reach her goal... She is nothing but a miserable fraudster !!

Professional fraudsters!

Professional fraudsters deceive simple and naive people that they invest their money and the money of their friends and share the profits between them, and like any professional fraudsters, they start getting a little money from some fools, and they pay their profits in addition to the original sums so that they can earn their trust and promote them through posts and comments Which the fraudster often asks himself to attract others to him, and when he gets his goal through large sums of money, it disappears and melts and no one can reach it...

Here the victims start crying and wailing for what they were lost, and they regret what happened but do not benefit them remorse!


Sites may be fraudulent or phishing!

Although professional scammers are widespread and present a risk in this field, especially for beginners, profit and invest sites that may be fraudulent or phishing are much more dangerous but do not worry .. these sites can be easily identified .. especially for those looking for tools that help them to master their work and not to fall victim to such sites.
Most of these sites work in the field of invest and earning currencies by clicking on ads.
The way the fraudulent and phishing sites work, then, is not very different from the way the professional fraudsters work, because it gives those who register a little profit to gain their confidence and start investing larger amounts .. Then stealing the large sums and not giving the victims anything!8ca017d07b086486508e35b65feff9113a297d2e2addea88a3d1ff5e691a2401.jpeg

Honest and legitimate sites

In exchange for potentially fraudulent websites that steal your money and profits, there are honest and reliable sites; But it gives a few profits, and this is normal ... It does not make sense for someone to give you money for nothing... Any profit site is representing one or several people who want to make a profit as well .. How do you imagine that these people will give you generous money ?! Think about it before letting your dreams lead you to plunge into a lake of delusions !!


Why will I not mention honest site names to profit from the Internet?

I will not give you sites I experienced to register and start profit...
I had put a list of the sites that I tried myself in the original article... But this matter caused me a problem that led to the banning of the article!

Because I put the names of the sites, then I explained it in another article... It seems that this violates the rules of Publish0x in a way that I did not expect.. they considered that the article is "Double Post"...

So I will not make this mistake again...
Rather, I will devote an article to each site or more, explaining how to profit from the site, mentioning its negatives and positives, and everything related to it that concerns the novice in the field of profit from working on the Internet...
I think this would be a lot better and it won't ban the article because it is "Double Post"!

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