Presearch... Why search for free if I can profit from searching?! A logical question isn't it?!

By Ahmed Zaki | E-Gains | 28 Mar 2021

This is very simple... It boils down to a straightforward question: Why do I search for free if I can profit from research?

We could ask the question in another way: Why would I agree to exploit me for free if I could profit from this matter?


This is simply what drives me to use Presearch, not any other search engine (Google, for example).

Think about it.. the other search engines are exploiting you for huge gains... If we assume that Presearch is also exploiting you for gain.. what is the difference between the two?

The difference is simple and clear... If Presearch uses you for profits, then it gives you the ability to profit from using it... As for other search engines, they are exploiting you without giving you anything!

Isn't that enough reason to use Presearch for all of your searches?

I'm doing this... I have completely stopped using any search engine since I registered with Presearch.


What is Presearch and what is the difference between it and Google, for example?

As I explained, Presearch is a search engine that gives you profit from using it, and this is the simple direct difference between it and other search engines (Google, for example)... But what distinguishes Presearch from other search engines is that Presearch is a decentralized search engine. Powered by the Blockchain Network... It gives you rewards for using it to search... These rewards are in Presearch token (PRE), meaning that you will earn a portion of that token every time you search with Presearch.

You can also buy tokens (PRE) from the Presearch site or one of the trading platforms listed on it, such as Kucoin, Probit, and HitBTC.

Presearch tokens are used to reward searchers who use the engine as well as reward presearch engine promoters with referrals, reward new users, Nodes operators, advertisers, and other future uses.


How much will I earn from Presearch and how will I get the profits?!

The important question now, especially for beginners in the field of profit from working on the Internet, is:

"How much will I earn from Presearch and how will I get my earnings? And can I convert these profits into dollars or euros?"

It is undoubtedly an important question... We all asked this question in our early days... I will answer it, but after referring to a very important note...

Many beginners imagine that working on the Internet achieves easy, fast and huge profits.. that is, they will get a huge fortune simply by working on the Internet.. and this is certainly not true.. working on the Internet is like any traditional work... It requires effort, skills, and permanent development of self and tools that you own...

So, do not expect to get $ 1000 once you use Presearch to search... You will win 1000 PRE meaning that you will only be able to withdraw your winnings after you reach the minimum withdrawal limit of 1000 PRE and the value of this profit - at the current price of the PRE token - is: $ 94 Approx. (1000 x $ 0.094).


Another Question: When will I get my earnings from Presearch?

The big question now: When will I get my earnings from using Presearch for research?

Answer: Nobody knows!

It depends on your activity on the site. How often will you search with Presearch?

Will you be earned with the rewards for searching only, or will you get rewards in other ways? You can, for example, use your referral link to get more from PRE token... as well as use any other means of obtaining site rewards... But in any case, this will be after a short while...

And the question that I will ask you now is:

"Even if this amount is after several months... which one is better for you... using Presearch and in the end, get an amount of money as a reward for this use... or you use Google or any other search engine for the same period without getting in the end Anything?!"

Before answering this question, you have to keep in mind something very important... which is the instability of the prices of cryptocurrencies...

Nobody knows what the price of PRE will be after several months, especially if the number of users of the site increases...

Imagine, for example, the price reaching $ 0.50, so this means that you will get 500 dollars... And you will get 1000 dollars if the price reaches $ 1... and so on.


What would you lose if you earned only $ 10 from Presearch?

Of course, you will tell me: What if the price drops to 0.01 dollars or less... This means that after several months I will get only 10 dollars or less!

You are certainly right.. but think about my previous words as well... if you spent the same period using Google or other search engines, you will not get anything.. your earnings will be (0) dollars!!

Now tell me... what will you lose if you earn $ 10 after several months of using Presearch, especially since you are not obligated to pay anything, not even perform any tasks to get your rewards... All you are required to do is do the normal searches that you do on any other search engine!


But even if this happens and the PRE price drops to $ 0.01 or less before withdrawing your winnings from the site.. in this case, you only have to leave your reward balance as it is without approaching it...

Consider yourself you were using another search engine that is taking advantage of you and does not give you any reward... and forget your reward until the PRE price reaches a number that makes you feel satisfied... and at that time, you will be free to choose between changing your profits from the site into dollars or keeping them waiting for your profits to increase!


Final advises:

* This article is about my own experience and vision of the decentralized search engine Presearch during the last period... It never represents advice for you to buy or invest in the site’s currency... So do not make a decision in this regard based on what was stated in the article.

* Before deciding to register on the site, you have to do your own research, whether on the site or the currency of which the profits are granted, or the value of the reward or other details of the decentralized search engine Presearch and profit from it.

* In general, do not risk your primary money at all.. meaning that you do not buy or invest in any currency, whether the Presearch token or other currencies and tokens, using your basic money.. you may lose all your money in something like this... You should only invest your money that is surplus to your needs.

* Cryptocurrencies in general, led by Bitcoin and Ethereum, are constantly increasing in profits over time. Therefore, do not rush to sell any cryptocurrencies you have in the hope of making a small profit so that you do not regret it... Before you make such a decision, you must study the matter calmly and deeply so that you can make the right decision.

* Do not worry about the price of cryptocurrencies or tokens falling... This is a good indicator for you because the profit has an inverse relationship to the price... meaning that when the currency price rises, your profits decrease from it and vice versa... So it is useful for beginners or those who collect cryptocurrencies to have currency rates That they collect is low... so that they can collect and accumulate the largest amount of currency until its price increases, so the profits obtained by the novice increases.

* Try to diversify your profit sources from tokens and cryptocurrencies to achieve the greatest possible benefit.

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