Is Publish0x honest? The answer is certain, but...! (Republish & update)

By Ahmed Zaki | E-Gains | 27 Aug 2020

In the beginning, I ask the old Publish0x members not to continue reading... They know the answer to my question without a doubt.
Why I write this article?
In fact, I write it for beginners in Publish0x and also for those who have not heard about Publish0x in the first place nor have they dealt with it before...


First of all, beginners deal with a lot of skepticism about new sites or that they haven't tried yet.
And they have a right to this behavior... They are often exposed to many sites of fraud and scam...

As for those who have not heard or known anything about the Publish0x platform, they deserve to provide them with a definite answer to this question: Is the Publish0x platform honest?

We need them as they need us...

We need to be among us on the Publish0x because success is related to increasing the number of members on this platform .. I mean success here in its absolute sense, and success in its personal sense...
Personally, I will succeed in making more profit from my articles.
And making a profit will only happen with a large number of members because this means a large number of readings!

We all need this .. and also the platform needs to increase the number of its members in order to be able to compete and make profits... It is not a charitable platform in any case!

Now to those to whom I address the article, I say: The answer to the question is...
This platform is not honest just .. it is very honest...

Publish0x is a platform that started with confidence and is still going with that confidence to achieve success after success.

Personally, I pulled my winnings three once from it...

The first time it was just an experiment to check the sincerity of the platform .. I withdraw BAT and received the withdrawal on the specified date...

The second time I withdrew all my profits .. be it BAT or DAI or LRC, I got all of them on schedule and they are now in my Atomic wallet...

The third time was last Tuesday, Aug 25th, when I received 0.00472570 ETH

The advantage of this platform is that you can get profits whether you are writing or not.
You are getting profits from reading .. You just have to register in Publish0x and enter every day to read and get rewards for this reading!

It is really cool ..!

Of course, the beginners and those who have not tried Publish0x will not be convinced of theoretical talk...

So I will put here an image of withdrawing my profits for the second and third time so that they can confirm from it themselves...


I hope that they will speed up work on Publish0x to grow society quickly and achieve the success that we all seek.

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