Internet Profit Strategies: An Introduction and General Tips!

Internet Profit Strategies: An Introduction and General Tips!

By Ahmed Zaki | E-Gains | 17 Oct 2020

The importance of action after developing a strategy

Any business needs to be devised for a strategy... or a roadmap... in which you specify the steps that you must take to reach your goal, which is achieving success.

Profiting from working on the Internet is like any other work that needs such a strategy from the start.

Many believe that profit from the Internet is easy .. and that they can get a lot of money without work or little work... I regret to tell you, my dear: this is just an illusion... This is the real illusion in the issue of profit from the Internet... But profit Himself from working on the Internet certainly is not an illusion.


How do I establish a strategy to profit from the Internet?

This is the important question you must ask yourself as you begin to work on the Internet, and it may be best to do this before starting.

You must establish a strategy for yourself to work. If you do not do this, you will act randomly, feel that you are floundering, and may not win anything or win very little, and join those frustrated people who claim that profit from the Internet is just an illusion!

To answer a question: How do you establish a strategy to profit from the Internet? First, you have to answer another question: Do you have skills, talents, abilities, or unique tools that help you make more profit from working on the Internet?

  • Are you fluent in any art of writing, for example, such as poetry, a story, a novel, or even an essay?

  • Are you good at dealing with the Internet, computers, and programming languages?

  • Do you know how to use design programs such as Photoshop, InDesign, and other similar programs?

  • Do you have a special talent such as drawing, calligraphy, or any other distinguished talent?

These are some of the questions that you should have specific answers to before you begin laying out your internet business strategy.


And what after setting the strategy... How much will I earn per hour?!

Based on your answers to the missed questions, you should start establishing a strategy for working on the Internet... But beware of thinking in the direct, utilitarian way.. meaning that you ask yourself: How much will I earn per hour from my work on the Internet?!

No one can answer this question except the practical experience itself... After you start working you will know how much you will profit from your job..and this will depend on a lot of things, including the extent of your knowledge and experience in the field of work on the Internet, the type of work itself, the extent of your seriousness in its performance, and the amount of your effort That you spend in your work... etc.

So it is better if you do not think at first how much you will gain, but what you will do? How much time will you give for this work? How will you constantly improve yourself and your tools to achieve the best all the time?

These questions will push you forward, the opposite of asking how much you will profit will make you frustrated!


I don't understand how to set the strategy yet.. explain, please!

Perhaps the word strategy suggests a difficulty... but it is completely different.

I mean by the strategy you create a plan for yourself... a roadmap that will go through the stages that you define...

Meaning: If you are a beginner and do not have any idea about the field of profit from working on the Internet .. you have to make your first step is to search and learn about ways to profit from the Internet so that you can choose the method that is appropriate for you, your capabilities and your time.

And after you choose the method, you have to set yourself a time-space... It is not logical to start working on sites for winning cryptocurrencies, for example, and remain that way throughout your life! You have to constantly acquire new skills through research and learning .. and move from one way to another to increase your experiences and diversify your skills .. but do not move from a method you started until after you master it and understand all its details .. and always make your main rule: do what you love to love what you do!

This is a well-known saying and it is not an innovation... You have to start with the ways in which you feel loved and comfortable in performing it so that your work is enjoyable.

Create a short-term strategy for each method that you work in.

I'll give you an example:

Suppose, for example, that you chose a free cryptocurrency win-win method... It is many and varied... But you must first learn how to search for any site to ensure its honesty before working on it...

I will now assume that you did this and started working on more than one site... the strategy short term that I mean is how you run your business on a relatively large number of sites... There are sites where the minimum withdrawal limit is 30,000 satoshis, for example... and there are sites with a minimum of 10,000 satoshis and so on... in this case, you can withdraw the 10,000 on the site that does not allow withdraw from it only after reaching 30,000 satoshis... Thus, you will reach the minimum withdrawal faster... And by repeating this process between the different sites you are working on, you will find that the matter is entertaining and useful...

But do not understand that this is the strategy... it is a part or a step that must be followed by other steps ... and the first step is: What will you do with these cryptocurrencies after withdrawing them?

  • Will you store it in a wallet?

  • Will you withdraw it on a platform to trade on and generate additional profits?

  • Will you deposit it in a reliable investment site (beware of investment sites because most of them are a scam)?

  • And after the next step, what else will you do with it?

In the beginning, do not pay attention to those who make fun of working on such sites because their profit is small and trivial... Do not forget that you are a beginner and are trying to learn and gain experience... This requires you to try many sites and certainly, you will not lose anything if you earn from one dollar site after a full month.

Look at the matter from another angle... Imagine, for example, that you work on five sites and earn from each site only one dollar per month... This means that you will win 5 dollars... But this is not the real gain .. because the real gain here is that you gained experience from Work on such sites for this period... This is the goal of the strategy we are talking about.


General advice before starting to work on the Internet

After you develop your own strategy, which must have a high degree of flexibility in response to any changes you acquire or appear over time, you should pay attention to several important points, which we can call general advice for any beginner:

  • Do not wait for a lot of profits that will come to you from working on the Internet... It is "work" like any other business that needs fatigue, effort, thinking, and strategy.

  • Never rely on profit from the Internet as a primary source of income... not even a secondary one! In the beginning, your profits will be small and trivial until you gain experience and determine the area that suits you the profit in it.

  • Do not put money from your own pocket or your primary business in sites to make a profit... You may lose your money easily... Try to put money from your profits and do this only after studying, research, and experience.

  • Do not believe any site that promises you a lot of easy profit... This is a fraud and scam... Do not work on any site until after you search for it and make sure of its sincerity... because your time has a price.

  • Organize your work and time and beware of work addiction on the Internet so that your real work is not affected.

  • Try to share experiences with others... and do not be shy to talk to anyone you think might benefit you in your work, to seek advice and learn from them.

  • Do not give any of your private information such as passwords or others... Do not send any money to anyone, no matter how little or trivial, for any reason... And always remember that the Internet is full of scams and phishing, whether individuals or sites.

  • Plan for yourself before you do anything... and do not try to reach the top of the mountain without using climbing tools, training, and studying everything so that you do not fall to the ground suddenly!

  • Be patient and do not rush to profit... You will arrive in time to whatever you want... on the condition that you learn, research, and develop yourself constantly.


Important Note:

In this article and other it, I will talk about my personal experience in earn from the internet, and I do not offer any binding advice to anyone, whether for investment or otherwise... No person should hold me responsible for any decision he takes after reading this article... Everyone is responsible for his decisions.

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