How do You kill the banking industry? With a killer app of course: Celsius Wallet

How do You kill the banking industry? With a killer app of course: Celsius Wallet

By dzentrum | Dzentrum_Blog | 3 Dec 2019

You are the owner of Your labour value and right now You are trapped with Your dollars, euros or whatevers in a financial system, where there is a negative yield on Your store of value. Negative interest soon will be introduced to private depositors, and then there is the the high inflation rate eating away at the buying power of Your money.

This is unacceptable on not the way business is done. It is You bringing the value into the financial system, so You should be rewarded for Your trust and the energy You provide. And it is uncool, that the banks unload all the risk onto Your shoulders, while they keep all of the profits they generate by lending Your funds out at a high rate of interest, keeping it all to themselves.

Time for a revolution. Time for someone like Alex Mashinsky to step up and provide an honest and good financial service to the depositor handing on 80% of the profits on to the customer, while keeping 20%. The company is called celsius network, their business peer to peer lending. You can earn up to 10% interest on coins held in Your Celsius Wallet.

  • Celsius operates since 2017
  • 53k active wallets
  • holds 400 Million in assets,
  • and has 4.5 Billion originated in loans

No minimal deposit, no withdrawal limits or fees and use them in Your daily life with easy to handle Wallet.

This is the revolution, because it is good service, and offers a gateway between the fiat system and the the cryptosphere. The wealth creation takes place in the vibrant crypto sphere, and the customer is treated fairly, which automatically attracts business.

Celsius certainly is a candidate to closely observe in this upcoming change in the financial world. I downloaded the app and start to earn interest in crypto and will be giving updates on the experience. I came across and Interview of the Co founder and CEO Alex Mashinsky with the Cryptolark, which made me delve into the subject deeper.

The risk: You certainly must do Your own due diligence and the decide if Celsius is trustworthy to you, because they hold the private keyes. You must understand the risk You take, when You trust another party with Your funds. 

The Future: Crypto needs to be used more widely to start attracting serious market shares. This will only happen, when we start using it. The Celsius Wallet and Network aims to attract new customers with their superior service, and this way will strengthen the community. We have to come up with a new system of doing business and communication of value and management of trust where the old system has failed us. The railways for the new economy are being built right now. 

Buckle up, it is going to be the ride of Your life.



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