Right Time To Buy?

By papajohn231 | DYOR | 18 Jun 2021

I have seen this happen many times. People always asks when to buy. I was the same way back in the day. Always asking myself if this is the right time to buy. Its really hard to decide. And it really depends. I believe Bitcoin and Defi is financial freedom and the right time to buy might be whenever you can. However the purchases should be long terms.


While I am a firm believer in bitcoin I also know that I can be wrong hence I tend to diversify my portfolio. When I was getting into dot link matic and ada they had already done 2x and I was thinking what the hell am I doing buying these at this price. Even with the recent drops I am well in profit. I have shared a screenshot of the holdings or coins I am trading in. If I make profits I put a portion of that to buy more btc to cover the amounts I have sold over the last year.

I think everyone should do their own research as many say DYOR. I am not a financial guru but I also believe that little investments can go a long way. Always remember:

1. Only Invest what you can afford to lose.
2. I personally diversify your portfolio but always keep major portion in btc.
3. No one knows squat of where the markets will go, when they go up everyone say they are the king of this field. When they fall they never have answers. 

Good Luck to everyone... 

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