Dynamic Weekly #62

TLDR - Volume pretty high still, Thanksgiving/Omicron variant sell off?


Happy Thanksgiving, still working off all those turkey calories!


Value metrics


Market Cap: $6,429,396 (-$3,164,433)

Price USD: $0.402 (-$0.198/ -33%) (0.55 on Citex, 0.50 on Whitebit, and .791 on Pancake) 69.1% spread 

Price BTC: ₿0.00000740 (-261 sats / -26%)

Weekly Volume: $423,996 (-$640,125) **Please note that CMC and Coingecko are not recording all volume for DYN so I get this data directly from the Dextools, Whitebit, and Citex weekly chart volume numbers plus CG data for STEX.


Supply Metrics


Dynodes online: 3550 (-12), Inactive: 2760 (-18), Overall: (-47) nodes.

Total supply locked (includes Company assets): 53.9%

Average block time: 1min 16s (-1s)

Average reward Frequency for Dynodes: 3d 3h 39m (~ -1h 18min)

Dynode ROI: 8.39% / 4350 days

Average Difficulty: ~0.826 (+.085)

Average Hashrate: 28.44MH (-1.98MH)



Development metrics


PIX goes Live - "99%" complete

Version 2.6 (no date) - Will implement Deterministic masternodes

Version 3.0 (no date) - Will implement Masternode POS (like Crown) and POW Mining will end.


Commits this week: 0 (-3)

Weekly average: 1003


Community Engagement


Discord Users: 1446

Telegram users: 980

Twitter followers Duality+Duality Health: 13931

Rough estimate of the Chinese community on WeChat ~8K and QQ 4900 as of last update from community member Xoleo

Total Change all platforms: -47

DYNB holders: 335 (+48)


Exchange Order Books


There are 158,913 (+4190) DYN available on open market. Buy support of ₿0.9757 (+₿0.018).

With the addition of DYNB these metrics changed slightly in that the DYNB LP is included (BNB value converted to BTC) on the buy and sell side.


Top $DYN Stories / Duality News


Volume is still impressive for DYN although initial excitement has worn off and there seems to be some concern over the swap site not being opened. Although this appears to be again a communication mishap by the Duality team initially giving impression of being ready, showing a countdown timer, letting it expire, and then stating there were some technical issues to be resolved. Now everyone is "patiently" awaiting the swap site release once the final issue is resolved.


Make sure you check out website updates. Looking pretty nice to me.


Also the Texas Venture labs folks are finalizing their proposal this week! See #dailynuggets



See Duality's announcement here



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Not Financial advice, do your own research. I am not affiliated with Duality Solutions or Duality Health. This is an unsolicited article. I am a holder of $DYN $SEQ

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