Dynamic Weekly #17 Jan 15th


After last weeks Big Funding announcements, possible Kucoin listing, and new hires, we have a few more details from the team. First they have laid out the next year or more of the roadmap including anticipation of having a NoID operational in a US hospital system mid year. Secondly they have announced they will strategically be selling off some (701,167) of the Companies DYN holdings or about 1/4 of their total DYN assets. Proceeds from 193,136 of those sold between $0.60 and $1 will be used explicitly for Marketing. I'll say that again, Duality for the First time ever, has a marketing budget!! Coins will be sold on Whitebit and some have already been placed. Read about it in Discord. For some reason the Medium article got taken down, but a PDF is available in discord. Watch for it to be posted again on Twitter soon.


Value metrics


Dyn had multiple $100k+ volume days this week, and broke $1M in total for the first time in a very very long time. Dyn is acting a bit like a stable coin these days but with a marketing campaign on the horizon, additional coins for sale, and BTC trading sideways for now, the real question is how much longer will we have to buy cheap DYN?


Market Cap: $ 8,815,035 ( $ 137,413)

Price USD: $0.578 (+$0.0087 / +2%)

Price BTC: ₿0.00001553 (+205 sats / +15%)

Weekly Volume: $1,063,383 (+$ 456,256)


Supply Metrics

Quick note about Nodes, If you were using Trittium as a hosting platform, they had a security breach and are instructing all users to remove all funds from their platform and they will be turning off all hosting services for an undetermined amount of time in the next few days. They are issuing vouchers for Flits nodes hosting services for 1yr free per cold node you had on Trtt. Details and vouchers can be found here.


Dynodes online: 3452 (+78) that’s 3,452,000 coins locked away off the market (22.63%) of supply). Note- 842 (-7) additional inactive 5.52% of supply. Another leg up in total nodes even with Trtt going down


Total supply locked (includes Company assets): 43.24%

Average block time: 2min 9s (-3s)

Average reward Frequency for Dynodes: 5d 4h 35m 0s (~ +34min)

Dynode ROI: 8.69% / 4200 days

Difficulty: ~3.94 (+0.01)

Average Hashrate: 52.09MH (-0.12MH)


Development metrics


Somebody was busy.....

Commits this week: 905 (+882)

Weekly average since I began tracking: 103.7


Community Engagement

Discord Users: 1259(-207)

Telegram users: 850 (-11)

Twitter followers Duality+Duality Health: 13303

Rough estimate of the Chinese community on WeChat ~85K (+~5K) and QQ 4785 (-7) as of last update from community member Xoleo


Exchange Order Books

There are 289,259 (-28,591) DYN available on open market, this does not appear to have Duality sell orders included or at least not the full quantities. Buy support of ₿0.6292 (+₿0.3095).

Livecoin exchange seems dead for good. Hope you didn't have funds there.









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Chinese Version of Duality's article


Successfully taking over majority of the comments section on posts like these. Keep it up, resistance is futile.




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