Last Minute DYGYCON Survival Guide

By Chris Roberts | DYGYCON | 21 May 2021

DYGYCON 3 - Saturday, May 22nd - 2-5pm EST

If you've never been to an event in a Gamerjibe digital space before, you're in for a real treat! The 3 hours will pass quickly, and once time runs out, you'll be sad to see everyone go. 

If you have been to a DYGYCON before (or another Gamerjibe-powered event), you'll find some awesome new updates this time to make your experience even smoother and more enjoyable than before!

New Avatar Features


When you join the event, you'll be asked to create your avatar! There's no longer any need to step up to the glamor counter and pick your hairstyle and flair. Now you can dress for success right off the bat and look as snazzy or as goofy as you want!

Avatars are also more expressive now! You'll notice more subtle movements such as head-bobbing and even breathing. And be sure to check out your awesome dance moves, which we can almost assure you are better then your dance moves IRL. The coffee even steams, so be careful.

Choose How to Move


By hovering over the Settings gear, you'll have the opportunity to switch types of movement. When you first enter the space, you'll be in Click to Move. This is a great easy method for beginners and non-gamers, but if you want to run and jump, you'll need to switch to WASD, which uses the arrow (and WASD) keys on your keyboard. 

In WASD mode, you can hold SHIFT to run and use the SPACE BAR to jump. You can even double-jump onto the tops of things. Whoever takes a screenshot of their avatar in the highest place will win a special badge - the Highest Guest Badge!

In both methods of movement, you can change the angle of view by right clicking and dragging the shot. This is a great method for taking awesome screenshots or capturing epic video footage of yourself getting down on the dance floor.

Go to the SWAG Booth


You can't miss it. It's right there in the Welcome Room!

This is an important reminder, because we have a LOT of sponsors, and many of them want to give you awesome prizes and free stuff. Some of them will even give you something just for attending. Some of them will give you something for stopping by their booth, so make sure you do your booth rounds. You'll definitely meet amazing people that way, and this is a rare opportunity to catch some of the hardest working people in blockchain in person. Don't waste it!

At the SWAG booth you'll find a form to fill out for all the free stuff. Many of the Achievement Badges are connected to data collected by Gamerjibe, but we need everyone to fill out the form. This is where all your wallets and user names will be compiled into one spreadsheet, making it manageable for me to send out all your stuff without spending a hundred hours! We'll give wallet lists from this form to our sponsors who wish to send out their own NFT prizes as well, so make sure you're ready to go and that there are no typos!

Here are the things we'll ask for on the form. All are optional of course, but the more you share, the more chances you'll have to win. If you don't yet have a Splinterlands account or a WAX wallet, what are you waiting for? 

Gamerjibe user name
Splinterlands user name
WAX wallet address
Ethereum address
Email address


There will also be some fun and seemingly random questions on the form, but answer them wisely, for each is connected to a special WAX NFT to be distributed based on your answer!

Have Fun!

Remember, DYGYCON may be a conference with information, talks and opportunities, but it was created first and foremost by the Splinterlands team to give you all a chance to blow off some steam and have some fun together! The incredible gamified space powered by Gamerjibe makes it easy to make connections with all the enjoyment of a party, and you don't even have to wear pants!


Go fishing, roast some mallows, spend some time chilling in a bean bag and talking about life. Grab a drink in the party room and show all the avatars your moves on the dance floor. Don't stress out about missing a talk. It's YOUR space; feel free to to whatever you want to do!

It's free! Come on out and have some fun with us this weekend!

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See you at DYGYCON on May 22nd!

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Chris Roberts
Chris Roberts

Content Director for Splinterlands


DYGYCON is a new virtual event brought to you by the Splinterlands team. Our guests get to escape from the confines of reality to do some much-needed partying (and networking) with all their blockchain friends in our entertaining virtual Expo. Our sponsors and partners are able to make new connections and forge relationships with peer companies, projects, media outlets and investors that will surely be remembered for years to come! Follow this blog to stay up-to-date for all DYGYCON's upcoming events!

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